No matter how hard I try I always fail?

No matter how hard I try I always fail? Topic: No matter how hard I try I always fail?
July 16, 2019 / By Yvonne
Question: No matter how hard I study, how hard I work on my projects, do all my homework and everything, I still suck!! the last time I got an ''A'' was in 5th grade. I'm a 11th grader!!! wth is wrong me? why can;t I get a full mark? I .. don't know. no matter how hard I study, i never get a good mark!! even my mom calls me a loser!! am I that stupid .. like should I drop out of school since I have no future?
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Shelagh Shelagh | 1 day ago
cut it out Riley. you're not a looser! Your grade isn't gonna interest anybody as soon as you're out of school. I've known one person who graduate when he was 20(!) but he's become a really good builder and now he earns more then his "straight A" classmates.
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Shelagh Originally Answered: Seriously, what is the matter with me?! Why am I not strong?
giving things up temporarily is easy-peasy lemon squeezy! what you have to do is make life style changes so you make things permanent. its like people who go on crazy weight loss campaigns... starvation diets... you can do that in the short term... but its only temporary because you haven';t made it a life style change. you have to change your life style so the changes are permanent. set goals to keep you focused. set time limits of when you will get things done by. have goals with achievable end results.
Shelagh Originally Answered: Seriously, what is the matter with me?! Why am I not strong?
I wager a one-phrase reply for your query could be VANITY. But while any one loves their self, the relaxation is not all that main. I do not gossip and if feasible do not pay attention to different individuals's gossip. Sometimes you're simply caught someplace and can not break out very without difficulty. As a ways as style, variety, cosmetic and look, most effective look manner whatever to me. As lengthy as my garments are blank, neat and at ease, I do not care what any person else thinks of them or me. Moisturizing your dermis is main regardless that. I suppose facet of the cause that I appear such a lot more youthful than I relatively am is in view that I on no account wore plenty of make-up and feature continuously saved my dermis blank and moisturized. I have needed to cross with none make-up for approximately two months now in view that of two unique eye surgical procedures. I do not care. My husband do not care. And if any one else cares, they do not ought to appear at me. I do not desire peers who like me for my appears. That is shallow. I desire peers who like me for the individual I am at the within. That's the main. I probably within the minority, however I suppose there are extra individuals available in the market who additionally believe this manner that most often simply would possibly not admit it.

Pauletta Pauletta
School isn't meant for everyone. Just try to hang in there and keep on keeping on right? It doesn't help when your mom calls you a loser! This just makes it worse. Please ask her to stop this in a nice way and tell her that you are trying. It's just hard for you. You don't have much time left so give it all you got and go with it! Keep on because Look you've made it this far haven't you! You can do it! Life will change soon. We go through different seasons in our life. Thank goodness! Take Care!
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Marie Marie
hi,don,t beat yourself up, i left school at 13 and i was supposed to stop till 16, that was over 40years ago and what i should have done was got through my exams,don,t get me wrong i,ve had some brill jobs,but with any passes at school i feel i would have done a lot better,i new one lad who was really thick now he is a millionaire,so it goes to show not everyone is brilliant,at school but keep Honlearning even after school,never give up ,don,t let them be right prove them all wrong!good luck you can do anything theres no such thing as can,t
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Marie Originally Answered: Should age matter in relationship? opinions? ?
I think age does matter, but not necessary as in a number, When your young the age gap is very noticeable, simply because you develop differently at different ages. A 12 yr old wants similar things to a 14 yr old in life and relationships and in some case even a 16 yr old ,but has a completely different outlook to a 18 yr old.For an 18yr old to date a 12 yr old this is completely immoral, but the age gap is a mere 6yrs . This is little to do with the actual numbers but more to do with maturity. That same 6yr age gap in a 24yr old and a 18yr old is not as noticeable.even if your talking about the same people as before because some decree of personal development has been achieved. But an 18yr old or a 24 yr old dating someone 15yr there elder.Then the age gap can see huge again ,the term toy boy,or sugar daddy, comes in because the oldest person in the relationship, if boundaries are not set ,can become a parent figure. But that same 15yr gap in a 50yr old dating a 65 yr old ,in most cases, isn't even noticeable.In fairness at these age levels people generally know what they want out of life and how to achieve it ,so both partners would be on equal footings. I thought i was grown up at 14yr old ,and dated an 18yr old who did want a more adult relationship,then i wanted.But it was exciting,and short lived. i met the same guy 10yr later and thought how childish and naive he was, i had out grown him. I look back now [i am 38] and realise how much i have matured over the course of my life, My choices at 18 ,25 ,30 and would be completely different as i sure they will be in the future,And for this reason , i feel that so that no-one takes advantaged that maturity should mean more than numbers.although to a certain degree they do come hand in hand. When you are talking massive age gaps then without being to general about it ,i sure that that at least one of the parties would have something to gain.the 80yr man with a 25yr old ,would have nothing in common , and in normal circumstances they wouldn't meet.

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