Notice of Drivers License Suspension?

Notice of Drivers License Suspension? Topic: Notice of Drivers License Suspension?
June 27, 2019 / By Admiranda
Question: I'm 17 years old and I recently received my new your state drivers license this was around last June. As ensure you will know the average 17-year-old in America usually gets a lot of tickets are being stupid. I'm just like one of those teenagers I have recently received approximately 6 tickets. Tickets are received involved operating out of class, two fixed it headlight tickets, a front license plate ticket in the windshield drivers instruction view blocked ticket. I've taken care of and I paid for all my tickets so far of the DMV has decided that they want to suspend the license permits use of a junior operating license there's a problem with that though I use my license to drive to school and work should I assign a hearing or should i take the $50 and the 30 month suspension fee; I really need my license and I know it's only 30 days but still. I'm looking for serious answers here no jokes. I know most of your probebly going to tell me its my fault for being a 17-year-old and stupid but I'm looking for honest answers to learn from my mistakes I figured if I go told the judge that I'm sorry that I plan to not get any more tickets that he might let me off with at least a restrictive license. what do you guys think should at least hire an attorney for the hearing.. I'm currently in high school have taken approximately 3 years of a college course of business law class. what are your guys thoughts and opinions
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Tennyson Tennyson | 3 days ago
If you are in school and take your education seriously, then you should make yourself accountable by studying these issues on your own. If you have done any legal research at all, then you know how confusing it all is, and how many different answers there are to one simple question. First, if you are under 18 yrs, then find the rule, regulation, statute, code, or case law that has determined that you are obligated to contract. Can you contract as minor????? NO! Then, realize that all Citation & Notices are extortion into unilateral contracts. Did your business law teach you the difference between unilateral contracts and bilateral contracts? Donald Trump would be the first to teach you to enter into bilateral contracts and not unilateral contracts involving lawyers or even STATE. Next, research 44 USC 1505(a) (3) requiring any enforcement prescribing a penalty to be published in the Federal Register. Your STATE licnese issuing agency is required to follow Title 49 CFR, Part 383 as published, thus there is an exemption for all vehilce travel NOT involved in commerce as a common carrier. If you travel about in your own personal automobile you are EXEMPT from regulation. It gets more complicated and the officer has discretion in the field. You would also need to exercise silence, serve public servant questionnaires and learn Freedom of Information Act to protect yourself from your "local" government during traffic stops. There is no document allowing cops to execute orders from the courts, they claim that it is statutory. Then, they should be required to produce the parallel STATE authority that follows Title 49 CFR, Part 383. Also, they do not have the authroity to re-interpret statutory language, it conflicts with sound policy making.
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Phinehas Phinehas
How would you get to school (school bus?) and work (friends? taxi?) if you couldn't afford a car? That's what you'll be doing for the next 30 days. the court probably won't grant you an exemption to drive to school or work with so many points in such a short time. (Many drivers don't accumulate that many points in a lifetime - It's not true that "the average 17-year-old in America usually gets a lot of tickets", only those who can't obey the laws do.) Remember, driving is an EARNED privilege, it's not a right. So far all you've earned is the privilege to not endanger others. When you're past your suspension, try obeying the laws - or you could be looking at a revocation before you're 18.
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Maddison Maddison
No,the average 17 year old does not get alot of tickets,only those who are negligent and irresponsible do. 6 tickets in a short amount of time should get your license suspended for more than 30 days. Hopefully they don't cut you a break,you are a danger to everyone else on the road.
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Jehoram Jehoram
with 6 tickets you will not get a break it shows you can't be trusted with a driving privilege the judge can't grant you a special to and from school license you have to go through the DMV and that process can takes as much as 90 days be lucky your not in jail or have a 5 year suspension
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Gaylord Gaylord
Douche You will have to get around just like you did before you got your license. You can try and fight it, but the juvenile license folks are not going to cut you much slack. Can you really blame them? Six tickets in six months.... even though 1/2 are 'fix it' tickets.... is excessive. Where it may really hurt is in your insurance costs. Once they update their file, your costs may go through the roof. You can fight it, but the best your a re going to get is the ability to drive to work and back .... and probably not that. Be prepared for a lecture! Socceref
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Gaylord Originally Answered: High School Suspension?
schools do look at that, colleges look at a few things 1. Grades from in grades 9-11 2. GPA 3. SAT/ACT scores 4. Discipline (they're not going to want juvenile delinquents, cheaters, plagiarists) As far as discipline, if you are a smart, good student that shouldn't make a giant issue, but if you're struggling then they might look deeper into that

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