Odysseus.a bad leader essay. help with quote!?

Odysseus.a bad leader essay. help with quote!? Topic: Odysseus.a bad leader essay. help with quote!?
June 19, 2019 / By Sloan
Question: I need a quote proving that Odysseus was too curious for his own good and needed to learn to listen. I already used the island of the cyclops and their time in the cave. i don't need an actually quote, just a part in the story where i can find it. any ideas?
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Pleasant Pleasant | 9 days ago
There is a quote from the crewman Eurylochos in book 10, lines 425-450 or so. Odysseus is urging his men to go up to Circe's palace now that he has "tamed' the Goddess. Eurylochos is still suspicious and says....... " So too it happened with the Cyclops (death & suffering), when our companions went into his yard and the bold Odysseus was of their company; for it was by this man's recklessness that these too perished". Basically Eurylochos blames Odysseus for the Cyclops episode and he is afraid that the crew will suffer again because of Odysseus' s insistence on staying on the island of Circe.
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Mattie Mattie
There are a couple good sections that show the lack of leadership besides the great quote up above. There is the neat part when Odysseus is taunting the Cyclops and he about kills them with the rock, and the Odysseus starts to taunt him again...and his men try to get him to stop. That is where is men actually become cursed. Another good episode that you haven't mentioned is that he doesn't tell him men about Charydbis and Scylla, but he takes measures to protect himself. And, lastly, a good leader gains his men's trust. It is obvious that his men don't trust him by the opening of the bag of wind, and obvious that they have stopped listening to him when the eat Helios's cattle.
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Laryn Laryn
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