Oh no! What do I do?

Oh no! What do I do? Topic: Oh no! What do I do?
June 18, 2019 / By Aileen
Question: For my GCSE music, my brother was meant to be playing the saxophone alongside me playing piano for one of my performance pieces, as part of my coursework. It's in for tommorow, and he said he can't be bothered to record it with me. Tomorrow is the final deadline (I already had it extended to have more time to practice) and my teacher will kill me if I don't have a recording for tomorrow. The teachers are sending off all our c/w tomorrow. What should I do? it's not something i can do by myself. it has to be a performance with another living person
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Toby Toby | 3 days ago
If you cannot get him to record either with you or solo for you to use, then make him sign a note for you saying this is a refusal on his part to do this so you are at least a little covered. If you do not have anyone else to play for you, then you will have to go it solo. If this is recorded submissions, then try record the piano and maybe your voice, for the other instrument (Ever see the muppet show with the singing chickens?)- At least it will be fun, and don't forget the note from your brother.
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Randulf Randulf
All I can say is do it yourself. Try to come up with some revision of your performance and do it alone. If you can't count on your brother then you have to do it yourself. After all its your grade not his.
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Marty Marty
try to fake having it if everyone is going to go then you shoodnt be on the internet u shood try to do it on ur onw
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