Open Office powerpoint help!?

Open Office powerpoint help!? Topic: Open Office powerpoint help!?
June 19, 2019 / By Vicky
Question: ok well I needed to do my homework in powerpoint format, i dont have microsoft powerpoint so I downloaded openoffice, now I need to email my teacher the homework, but I want to send him the powerpoint as a presentation slide show, how do I do that?, also if he uses microsoft powerpoint can he still see my open office power point slide show? if not how do I make it so that he can open it and see it (I heard you go to save as, and you switch it to "Microsoft powerpoint", but I tried it and it says something like "some of the content is not available in this format"? Thanks, any help is appreciated. I ignored the message but still when I check where it wa ssaved, its not saved in Microsoft Powerpoint and it saves in ODF Presentation.ODF which is the default saving location
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Shan Shan | 6 days ago
Your file will be saved in whatever its current format is, when you use File → Save. So use File → Save As... instead. You will see a bar labeled “Save as Type:”. Click on it, and you will see all the available formats you can use to save your presentation. Select “Microsoft Powerpoint 97/2000/XP (.ppt) (*.ppt)”. Assure that “Auto Extension” is checked. Then save it. You will now have two versions of your presentation, an Impress version and a Microsoft Office Powerpoint version. If you open the Powerpoint version, will remember that it is a Powerpoint version, and you can save it back as a Powerpoint version just by using File → Save. Similarly if you open the Impress version, File → Save will save it back as Impress. To be absolutely sure that everything you do in OpenOffice will look the same in Microsoft Office, or that some very small differences won't matter, I recommend you download and install the free Microsoft Office viewers from . These won’t let you change or save your documents, but they will let you read them as a Microsoft product would read them. is not a clone of Microsoft Office, and is not intended to be a clone of Microsoft Office. It does some things exactly the same and some things very differently. If doesn't do some things that Microsoft Office does and does some things that Microsoft Office doesn’t do. When you shift to Microsoft Office you may indeed on rare occasion lose something. And it woks the other way on rare occasions. As long as you catch such cases, you can always work around such problems. So do scan through the official guides at , They will help a lot. Also there is not yet a Migration Guide from version 3, so check out the Migration Guide for version 2 at . This points out differences between Microsoft Office and is an excellent product. It works fine if you know what you are doing.
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Shan Originally Answered: Is cheap office suite software, as found on ebay, as good as MS Office Suite?
I agree with everyone on the Open Office. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy Open Office from ebay. This is a free program. And frankly I don't see how they are getting by selling something legally that is free. Open Office will get the job done. It's not quite as fancy as Microsoft Office, but it's ok. You can, however, use Office 2010 online for free. Nothing to buy, nothing to download. It's provided by Microsoft free usage. All you need is a hotmail or livemail email account to log in. It's here. Log in, click the "Office" link, and you're ready to start using Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or OneNote
Shan Originally Answered: Is cheap office suite software, as found on ebay, as good as MS Office Suite?
Open office is *free* and pretty much the same as Msoffice In some ways it is better - it opens and saves in more microsoft formats than MSoffice does - and plenty of other formats as well. It is a very complete and very powerful suite, you would struggle to find anything it won't do that MSoffice can except There is no equivalent product to access . If you don't want to download then yes, you can legally buy a CD from ebay or anywhere you like for example EDIT**************re:PDF's PDF-- open office will export documents as a PDF with no problems - its all included Just open your in Open office and export as PDF

Onndria Onndria
It says some content can't be saved in the Microsoft format. Just go ahead and ignore the warning and save anyway. You shouldn't lose anything that you added to your powerpoint if you save in this format. That's just a scare tactic that's trying to extend the use of the OpenDocumentFormat. You don't need to know this technical jargon, but know that your files are safe if you get the warning and save in the Microsoft format anyway.
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Magdalen Magdalen
if you're utilising OpenOffice, keep the record to PowerPoint ninety seven-2003 quite of saving to ODP record that you'll be able to open it on your college. you will see that this function on the drop down menu below the filename.
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Magdalen Originally Answered: microsoft powerpoint. where can i download a version?
Download Open Office from it's rather large, but it will provide you with software that looks a lot like Microsoft Office Suite, and the program Open Office Presentation will enable you to edit and create slide shows. Long live open source software!

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