Parents angry at me because my brother got better grades?

Parents angry at me because my brother got better grades? Topic: Parents angry at me because my brother got better grades?
June 24, 2019 / By Affrikah
Question: My brother and I (we're twins btw) are in our senior year in high school and college admissions is coming close. In junior year my brother got the elgibility for local context (ELC) letter which guarantees him admission into an University of California. I however did not get this letter because I got one less A than my brother in second semester of junior year.Also my brother overall gets better grades even though I work much harder than him. Now my parents keep treating my brother like a god for getting ELC and giving me lectures on how my brother always does better than me in everything and their dissappointment with me. I feel like crap because my gpa was just below the cut off for ELC and it feels like my parents like my brother more than me. What should I do? I'm very happy for my brother. I just feel like a terrible son because they really wanted it for me also. I feel like my parents are treating my brother better than me because of it.
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Thorley Thorley | 2 days ago
You should tell them that you're trying your hardest to get good grades, but the classes are extremely difficult and the teachers ask to much of you and give work like crazy. If your part of any after school activities say that you have to go to them as well, but those teachers act like you got nothing better to do then homework.You can also make up some story about your brother, like that he bullies kids into doing homework for him and he cheats on tests. To make it even more convincing you can force yourself to cry while saying this.
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Thorley Originally Answered: Are my parents overreacting about my grades?
Do your parents have "High" expectations of you, or do they just expect that you will perform on the level you SHOULD? You state you are lazy. You are smart enough to know your shortcomings - That is a good thing and indicates a level of maturity. Now you have to address those issues. One good way to improve study habits is to find a study partner you can work with. That may provide some incentive to do better as it's kind of like a competition. You can use your XBox as a reward - Study for a period, and if you are successful at answering study questions reward yourself with xbox time afterward. Your Xbox will get you through the day. An education will get you through your LIFE!

Quincy Quincy
You could still get into a UC school. I never got a letter like that (I don't know if they had them or not when I was the right age), and I went to UCLA and got accepted as a freshman. I think your parents are being mean. None of my brothers did well in school and they always got away with a lot more than us girls did. They just did what they wanted, but the girls had consequences. Luckily, you will graduate soon and this will be over before you know it.
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Malone Malone
Just because you're a twin, that doesn't make the two of you the same person with the same exact abilities. You are your own person. He may have done better than you in that exam, but I'm sure there are things you can do they he cannot. Stop trying to measure up to him, and ignore your parents trying to do the same. Just do the best you can and get accepted into the best college or university you can.
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Jered Jered
Only thing you can do is get that gpa up as quick as you can anyway how go to you guidance or sumtin figure out what you can do. Then get the ELC for YOU. Know that this is your goal so you can better yourself.
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Gershom Gershom
LEt your parents disappointment motivate you to do better and at the end of the school year- your best is all that you can do.
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Gershom Originally Answered: My husband told me his brother was blackmailing him because my husband had molested his brother as a teen.?
I can sympathize. I understand your concerns about your husband, It does sound like some family counseling is needed. Even though your husband did do this when he was younger, it is understandable that he would want to keep it to himself. It is something he deeply regrets and probably wanted to forget that it ever happened. I know you confided in him about your past regrets, but you were probablly comfortable in doing so. I use to always confide in others too but have learned over time that maybe I should keep some stuff to myself. I am not the smae person I once was. People will look at you differently once they learn about certain things. The bad things that have happened to me I will always remember, but I will not let that stuff determine who I am today. My father molested me when I was little and went to jail. He is very ashamed of what he did and made a point to go to counseling and get help. He did got o jail for it and has since changed his life around and I have forgiven him and do have a very good relationship with him now. Im just saying, some people do things in thier life that they can never undue .... but they can move forward. Your husband admits what he did and is hopefully remorseful. My mom is an alcohalic now and my dad is the straight one. She is a very disturbed woman and is verbally abusive. When her and my dad argue she still brings up what my dad did to me back then. I am 27 years old now and I can tell you, the verbal abuse she expells on me and my brothers is worst than what my dad did to me back then. That sucks for me because I jsut want to forget about it. I trust my dad now and just want to live a normal life. You guys should just stop bringing up the past (especially in front of your children) and move forward. And, I highly agreed with charles. He was a child when he did this. Things like that happen all the time. Well, maybe not asking or trying to follow through with "sex", but about little boys being curious about it. It is something that has happened a long time ago. Move on. STOP the name calling and finger pointing. It is no good for anyone. (and agian, especially your children) If you guys love eachother, get help and try to work it out. But if you are trully unhappy in your marriage, get a divorce. - I hear you Eve. Does not sound pleasant. It sounds like its time to move on. I would leave him. Maybe then he will change. MAYBE, I wouln't expect too much though. Ive learned when I expect something I am usually dissappointed in the end. Leave him and focus on what is going to make you and your daughter happy. It is hard being a single parent but it wil be better for your daughter in the long run.

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