Passive and shy kid. solutions?

Passive and shy kid. solutions? Topic: Passive and shy kid. solutions?
June 19, 2019 / By Sydney
Question: I'm really ;passive and shy most of the time, im so creative and sympathetic that i blend into everything. Today i went to this party and i got influenced by all the ppl there, enjoying, and started crying. I had no one to talk to. I'm so very shy that i feel like hiding somewhere! What do i do? I'm almost 17...
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Rebeccah Rebeccah | 10 days ago
First of all being a teenager is a hard stage of life. The peer pressure and little groups can be very intimidating for a individual not in a group. Especially as you indicate at a party. Usually small group settings are better for shy people to start out with. Settings that you have some knowledge in. Like a certain school activity, or a sport or educational group. Make some friends that you have like interests with, makes it a bit easier. If everyone is in a debate group and you like that you will already have a common topic to discuss. Or say you love your dog, go to an obedience class for you pup. You say you are creative, in what area, join a group associated with what you are creative in, art, writing, whatever. remember a couple close friends that will last a life time are far better than 20 individuals that next year you won't even be talking to. I was extremely shy in high school and would fall into what ever crazy group of kids that would let me hang with them. Today I know none of them and before I grew up ended up in a lot of trouble using drugs/alcohol and getting in trouble with them. I out grew that stage, and now I'm very outgoing and talkative and became a counselor. God Bless Reggie. if you need more help consider reading my profile and contacting me.
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You know that a passive verbs is where the subject undergo the action and active is when the subject does the action. In your sentence "He gives up his life" is used actively. "..justice can be restored" is used passively. If you rather say: to restore the justice, you would be using it actively, but you would loosing a part of your basic meaning. Saying it passively implies his action made the result of restoring justice while saying it actively means his action had the goal of restoring. You get different links using active and passive in this case: Active leads to a "try and goal" relationship Passive is an "action and consequence" relationship Both can match your idea, but since there's a subtle difference between both, you cannot exchange one for the other unless you adjust a part of your text to fit it in. Be careful when you write: at higher levels, teachers or employers may want you to write more precisely, to avoid incoherence in your texts. Such changes must be done with a special touch not to make it feel weird to read. Good luck.
Rebeccah Originally Answered: Passive voice--Help! *10 points* ?
Active voice makes a statement that is clear and concise. "The man ate fish." tells exactly what happened without frills. Passive voice ads frills and makes the statement wussy. A fish was eaten by the man. Can it be more wishy-washy? I don't think so. In a nutshell, the passive voice takes a perfectly good statement and switches it around so that the action comes before the subject. If a sentence makes sense and tells it like it is, it's active voice. If it's confusing and feels backwards to you, it's probably passive voice.

Merrilyn Merrilyn
I don't think I'm the right person to answer this question. I'm pretty much like you are: passive and shy, but I'm not easily influenced. I'm 18, and I'm still pretty shy, and I still have some trouble with eye contact and taking initiative. Anyways, I'm sorry you had to suffer today. I wish us both the best of luck. VIVA LA RAZA!
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Lessie Lessie
i'm also like that!well used too, i'm working on not being so shy but it's not really working!so now i realize that that's how i am and i can't change that!so that's just who u are and in my opinion u can't really change!
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These are passive: Drummond was disillusioned by his Golden Dancer's shiny paint. I was deceived by my Golden Dancer's good looks. For both to be passive: Just as Drummond was disillusioned by his Golden Dancer's shiny paint, I was deceived by my Golden Dancer's good looks. Active: The Golden Dancers tricked Drummond and me. Their shiny paint and good looks deceived us both. Vocabulary: disillusioned makes no sense in the context of the sample, disillusioned means that you've seen thru the trickery...

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