please can someone answer?

please can someone answer? Topic: please can someone answer?
June 24, 2019 / By Anette
Question: im not gonna have a pity party and im not lieing so i could care less if someone doesn't believe me, but my parents got killed 2 weeks ago in a car crash, and i have homework due today. I told my teachers idk if i can do it, but they said to try and i could use ANY method to getting the answers, including using the internet, i consider yahoo answers the internet. can someone please answer? n the spots on the chart ( well not really chart haha), write the letters of each item below in the correct category. On item fits in 2 categories! Categorys: Cattle on the Plains: 1. Cowtowns: 2: Cowhands 3. End of Cattle Kingdom Farming in the Plains: 4. People: 5. Challenges: 6.Methods and Tools: Word Bank: A. Harsh Climate B. BARBED WIRE C. SEVERE WINTERS OF 1885 AND 1886 D. SWEDES AND NORWEGIANS E. ABILENE, DODGE CITY. CHEYENNE F. FACED RUSTLERS AND STAMPEDES G. PLAGUES OF GRASSHOPERS H. A GLUT OF CATTLE I. WINDMILLS J. RODE IN SATTLE FOR 15 HRS
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Wiley Wiley | 6 days ago
This is the third time you have asked this question, but the first time you you give the reason(?) for not doing your homework. I am surprised you did not take the semester off to give your self time to grieve for your parents and to find a new home since you now are an orphan.
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Wiley Originally Answered: my girlfriend wants to beat me up, and idk if she can-can you please take 2 mins to answer-ill answer yours?
The last guy who thought he could win against me in a fight got a rude shock, this is what happened Be careful just because girls are generally smaller than guys, they could still be much stronger. I'm very strong because I'm a gymnast and when you lose expect to be dressed as a girl and maybe even kissing her feet. Good luck, but try your best to fight her. A hard hit to the stomach would knock her out in 1 blow unless she does a lot of crunches/sit ups.
Wiley Originally Answered: my girlfriend wants to beat me up, and idk if she can-can you please take 2 mins to answer-ill answer yours?
I don't understand why you think you'll win the fight, other than your protestations that you haven't tried before. It's not sexist to say that the average male is stronger than the average female. It's also true that men generally have a higher threshold for pain tolerance and are more aggressive. Biological and psychological differences between the sexes are real. What is sexist is that you seem to think that you'll beat her because you're a boy, despite admitting multiple times that she's stronger than you. Being male might mean you're stronger, in which case you have an advantage. But if you're not stronger, your confidence seems misplaced, given that she is also demonstratively more aggressive than you. She outmatches you on all the qualities that you might typically expect to have the advantage as a male. Therefore, you being male doesn't confer any advantage. Any gender-based presumption that she can't beat you is therefore invalid and sexist. Finally, it is worth pointing out that if you two are physically fighting then your relationship is not the best.

Saxon Saxon
Waiting till the last minute to do this assignment has made you desperate. I want to help you but you made some bad choices to hang out with your friends and put this off. When you do the work first and make it a priority then you will get your mom off your back about it and then you can get un-grounded. Car accident????? The truth works much better. No more lies, ok. I can tell. I'd have to look this stuff up myself anyway cause I don't know that much about late 19th century American history. My wife does since she is a history teacher though so I can alway find out. Better is for you to Google it and/or check Wiki. You can do it. Your TRUE friends will be around to hang out with afterwards.
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Nathaniel Nathaniel
Cattle on the Plains 1. end of cowtowns E 2. cow hands F 3. end of cattle kingdom H Farming in the Plains 4. people D 5. challenges A 6. methods & tools B I I think this is right but check your text to make sure. gatita_63109
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Nathaniel Originally Answered: Muslims, please answer; I just want a factual answer.?
Hi Monica I hope that you don't mind a person who isn’t a Muslim but studies religions answer. I will in this case take a stance of a Muslim and try to answer sensibly without rhetoric’s and without preaching. Also may I take this opportunity to say that I sincerely hope that I haven’t offended anyone and if I have then I am truly sorry as this isn’t my intention. You are correct in your understanding that during the early years Muhammad (PBUH) started up a non-violent movement and there are many narration of him being subjected to humiliation and persecution. Despite this he stayed in his homeland of Mecca and got together a small following of Sabaah (followers). However there came a time when due to the fear of his life he made Hijr (emigrated) to Medina and the new found religion took off. Whilst in Medina there were still many incidents of acts of hindrance from the Meccans towards the Muslims. There was then a treaty written between the inhabitants of Mecca and Medina to stop the escalating violence. This treaty was eventually forfeit due to the Meccans realizing that the Muslims were still growing in numbers. At this stage the Meccans declared war on the Muslims and this is the first time that it appears that Muslims fought back. During the Battle of Badr the Muslims were ordered to follow certain principles of warfare by Muhammad (PBUH), these included simple things like if an enemy soldier is captured then treat him as one of them, i.e. they get fed and clothed same as the one of their own solders. Also it was forbidden to rape and pillage, so some of what is now common due to the Geneva Convention was implemented. After this there were a number of other wars but all was in self-defense. However there was a final war with the Meccans which was instigated by the Muslims of Medina at the command of Muhammad (PBUH) in this final war the Muslims conquered Mecca, but this was a war that was won without bloodshed. On the eve of the war a Meccan leader came to the camp of Muhammad (PBUH) and spoke to him saying something along the lines of we cannot win this battle but what is the way out? According to narrations of the time Muhammad (PBUH) advised the leader that when the Muslims entered Mecca they would not plunder, pillage or rape, also that any that stayed in their own homes would be safe as would those who took shelter in the shade of the Kabba. This implies that the Muslims would only fight those who came out to fight and as a result this was a peaceful transition in Mecca. Now comes the second part to your question do moderate Muslims disregard the change of philosophy from a non-violent movement to one of militancy. I think that a better question would be to ask is why moderate Muslims stay quiet when the extremists perpetuate acts of violence in the name of Islam. The answer isn’t easy to give, after all Muhammad (PBUH) was a general in the Muslim army of the time, but what does need to be understood is that all the wars were fought as self-defense. Also if there is a war that has been declared then it has to fought in accordance to certain laws like no acts of violence against those who are civilians, also those who are fighting are of sound mind and body. If you would like further clarification on any of my points please don’t hesitate to contact me. Also I am very sorry for the length of this response and if I have offended anyone. I hope that this has been of some help.

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