Please help me out in my assignment?

Please help me out in my assignment? Topic: Please help me out in my assignment?
June 19, 2019 / By Ackley
Question: i browsed the net to get information but its really hard to find the relevant inforamtion i want. if theres someone how can help me . please help me. The following is the question: Many authors have reffered to our age as the "Information Age". Making use of the examples, discuss both the positives and negative effects on the impact of software on our society, e.g wheteher and in what ways our lives have been improved or bcome worse through the use of software, words between 700 to 900. if some one of u have any articles or know any website related to the above question plz let me know. Thank You
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Stacia Stacia | 3 days ago
Your question is PERFECTLY illustrates the point of this assignment. The whole idea behind the essay is: THINK FOR YOURSELF. Can you do that? Look at how dependent you are on extracting info from the Internet without actually processing it. Can you learn to think for yourself or even evaluate what you read? Hint: If you describe your own struggle to research this essay assignment, you'll have a good place to start.
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Stacia Originally Answered: Is this assignment even possible?
Wow. I feel incredibly lucky now. I am in AP 11th English too, and the longest paper we have had to write is 2 pages. Good luck.

Prissy Prissy
Start thinking about the software you are using today. E-mail, web browser, text software, messenger, OS, etc... Then answer some questions for yourself. How does it effect you, business, society. Some people spend more time reading e-mails throughout the day then doing their work. How does that effect their jobs or schoolwork? After you sit down and really think about the question from your point of view then you can use research to confirm or deny your ideas.
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Maybelle Maybelle
One prime example is a website called A person can self diagnose themselves. This is a really dangerous thing. You get enough information to upset yourself and mislead yourself. Doctors trained for years to learn this stuff. While there may be benefits to this site, the negatives could be potentially serious. One positive is this site will answer questions about a particular drug or illness. So if you are certain about what you have, you can gain needed correct information
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Lauren Lauren
Hey Sweetie, This is an opinion question....your opinion. But....... here are a few things to think about......through the internet we can find out anything and everything which is a good thing but at the same time it can be a bad thing people finding people and devorcing their spouces over it, petifiles preying on young children via the internet, people can ruin theirs lives through online gambling, online dating, online porn. So you see is all up to you to give you opinion.
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Jillie Jillie
I would have to say that this is more opinion than facts but if you are looking for facts have you tried google? If not go to library online.
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Jillie Originally Answered: Sociology Assignment?
Social factors: gender, race, ethnicity, educational goals, family situation (single parent raised you, parents divorced etc.) and social class... these things that are easily discussed and elaborated on... plus soc. profs would love you for taking on the 'big picture' Try to write as if you are analyzing your 'life chances' as a case study... how did you end up where you are today... with those three factors...( ex. C Wright Mills sociological imagination)

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