please help me with my english essay :(?

please help me with my english essay :(? Topic: please help me with my english essay :(?
June 26, 2019 / By Stacee
Question: i know most people will be like " do your own work!" but honestly ive tried! i cant do english to save my life and i have to do an essay for a website and the topic is conflict.. Im doing mine on siblings arguing and stuff..., but i have no idea what to write :S pleeeaseee help :(
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Princess Princess | 1 day ago
First, come up with 3 reasons for conflict between siblings. For example: Fighting over parents attention, fighting over material things that one has or doesn't have, or fighting over chores. Then... Paragraph 1~ Introduction. Mention your three topics (from above), as well as your thesis. Paragraph 2 ~ Discuss your first topic. Give 3 to 5 supporting examples. Paragraph 3 ~ Discuss your second topic. Give 3 to 5 supporting examples. Paragraph 4 ~ Discuss your third topic. Give 3 to 5 supporting examples. Paragraph 5 ~ Conclusion. Mention, again, your three topics, as well as your thesis.
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Princess Originally Answered: English 2 Essay,, Please Help!?
I could help you with your essay if you don't mind. Tell me what you want your essay to be written on. And no, I won't criticise you. *

Maxene Maxene
(Essay homeworks were the only thing that I never let my friends copy off me. It's supposed to come from your own thoughts and words.) I usually write essays in 3 paragraphs, it's the simplest form. Write what comes to mind when you think of your arguments with your siblings. Start with an opening paragraph. Keep it short. Like 5 sentences or so. It could be about what you always fight over. Or a time that a simple misunderstanding that got out of hand. Or a thought provoking quote you came across that's related to your topic. Next paragraph, would be an more in-depth discussion of your topic. Don't ramble on and on with just points. Give examples. Once you write about one instance as an example, don't use it again down the paragraph to make it look longer. Broaden your idea. Last paragraph would be your resolution. How did you resolve the conflict? Who gave in first and apologized? Did you and your siblings get in trouble because of it? Again keep it short and sweet. Have a good closing sentence. Avoid using third person perspective. The essay should sound like you. Even if it sounds childish. It's all about you and what you think.
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Laureen Laureen
You can have all the problems between kids. Like they argue over who gets more of something then the other one does. Like one gets to go out mroe or one seems to get more attention then the other. They fight over how long someone gets to go on the computer or play video games versus the other person. They fight over just about anything and everything that really if they thought about it, its pure stupid on their part. Maybe one kid gets more candy or something like that. You can come up with alot of things if you just sat down and thought about it and made a l ist. Good luck.
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Jezebel Jezebel
I write officially whilst i write my essays, so sure and as i've an individual trainer in english she tells me to write down it officially so sure , i believe you need to write it officially!
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Francisca Francisca
Well, as it's not for homework but for a website, this is one you really should try for yourself. It'll be good practice for exams.
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Francisca Originally Answered: English essay help please!?
add how you connect to this person. why they inspire you. why you need that type of inspiration. if you have ever met them and details about their personality. things that they are involved in.

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