Please help. Middle school is so hectic, im crying! :(?

Please help. Middle school is so hectic, im crying! :(? Topic: Please help. Middle school is so hectic, im crying! :(?
June 19, 2019 / By Sidney
Question: Our middle school is hard. im in 6th grade. im doing bad in science. I get 50-70's on tests. i have a final coming up. But we are getting so much homework and quizzes and test on the same days, then we have 2 projects due on the same day to. im getting overwhelmed and starting to cry. plus once i do good in another subject, im doing bad in another that i was doing good in bc i put all my time into doing better in that subject. please help. Plus, i cant study! i get distracted and bored and stuff. Please give me tips on everything! :'(
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Best Answers: Please help. Middle school is so hectic, im crying! :(?

Philippa Philippa | 4 days ago
I feel your pain. Just wait for 7th grade lol. Okay, first, you need to calm down. I know it's hard, I was in 6th grade last year. Stop crying, and relax. I get distracted and bored too, but I still manage my straight A's. For the projects, I've learned that it's better to just do them rather than holding them off. It relieves so much pressure just to know that the projects are done and out of the way. For the tests, you need to study! Here's how. Okay, you need to get pumped girl! Just tell yourself that you have to study in order to get your grades up. Lay down on your bed, at your desk, anywhere, and just study. Look over all of your notes and study sheets until you know most of it by heart. Make sure you're not just memorizing, but you need to understand too. Ask your parents to quiz you on stuff before the tests. You need to learn to manage your time like I did. Don't put all of your time into one subject. Some nights you're just going to have to sit there and do homework. It's no fun, but it's worth it when you get your report card and can be proud of your accomplishments. It's the end of the year, so just tell yourself you're going to ace your next tests, work hard for the last couple of days, and then relax, it's summer! Next year, I suggest you get a mini-calander or organizer. If you plan out all of your homework that needs done, etc. it will seem easier to do. That way, you can get it all done in time, relieve all the stress (+ no crying!) and still have time for a social life! lol. You just have to do it. If you're overwhelmed, just start working. Start doing homework, and then once that's done, move onto the next thing. Just keep going (:. If this is all because you don't understand everything thoroughly, then you need to speak up. For example, if you don't get something in class, you have to ask your teacher what he/she means. If you still don't get it, use the internet and your parents to help you. If you still aren't getting better results, look into a tutor. You might be embarrassed, but it's worth it in the long-run. Maybe you should get a hot bath or something? lol. Just relax. Summer's here! Have fun xD. Hope I helped! xD. -Cheerx51
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They are already starting to do that, and I don't like it. Then again, i'm kinda old-fashioned. I think we are becoming way too dependent on machines. What if something happened where a main source crashed and the computers didn't work anymore (a la Y2K) then what? Everything is online, so we'd have nothing. People put their lives on their cell phones & sidekicks, then when they loose it, they loose everything. That's why I love good ol' pen and paper. Doing everything by computer also minimizes human contact. I'm not a robot damnit!
Philippa Originally Answered: i was thinking one day if middle school and high school could be all computer operated.?
actually, im in 8th grade and from 8th grade we are required to have a laptop that we take to school every day. it is because we are a private school but it is so much easier to do work that way. we can just email our assignments to our teacher when we are done and that is that. it so easy. and most of our homework is on computers or a worksheet we need to print out and do. but im pretty sure all schools will do this soon.

Marshan Marshan
If you don't study, you probably won't do well. My ninth grade teacher told us to study for 10-15 minutes at a time, then give yourself a five minute break, then go back to studying until you know it all. Studying for an hour straight is useless if you aren't retaining it. Also, make notecards with what you need to memorize for finals (like a word on the front the definition on the back. Ex: Front - atom Back - the smallest amount of a substance that can take part in a chemical reaction). Anytime you have spare time, pull out the notecards and go through them. Put things you know in one pile and things you don't know in another. Go through the missed ones over and over until you know them all. Keep track of assignments. I used to feel really overwhelmed with school, but when I started writing every assignment and test date in a single notebook (not all over the place) it really helped me stay concentrated. Knowing what has to be done and setting priorities helps keep everything in perspective. Write the assignment and the day it's due. Ask your teacher for out-of-class tutoring, or see if you can find a student who's doing better than you to go over what you don't understand. If you are unsure about the projects or classwork, then ask for clarification. If you feel unprepared for seventh grade, it might be a good idea to take summer school classes or a summer tutoring program. Look over old tests. Those things will probably be on the exam, so you can probably just look for those answers if you teacher doesn't give you any kind of study guide. Last, just calm down. This is only 6th grade. Even if you fail science, you will have plenty of opportunities to make that up. Maybe next year you'll have to retake 6th grade science, or they'll be put you in remediation to catch up. Still, trust me, it isn't the end of the world to do badly in sixth grade. By high school it won't even matter.
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Laidey Laidey
Middle school is nothing.... Just spread everything out and have good time management. it'll benefit you in high school as well. Don't cram everything the day before something's due. These are pretty obvious answers.
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I don't think anything is wrong with just science teachers. It sounds like you personally had some really bad ones. My science teachers were usually awesome. You have to keep in mind that teachers aren't just teachers. Some of them are young parents fresh out of college. They have been up with their own children all night and all morning and then have to deal with a bunch of crazy middle and high school students all day long. Or maybe they are older and lonely and that makes them less motivated to teach. Theres a lot of different things that could make a teacher not be so into what they are supposed to be teaching, which can effect the students in a negative way. I do agree that our education system is so far behind compared to other nations. I hate all of those stupid standardized tests they made us take and are still making kids take. But somewhere in America, there are super rich greedy people who are the ones responsible for this crappy system and many others. They simply don't want anyone to become smarter than them and to realized how messed up some stuff in the US is. So that in some way explains the crappy eduction system. -sorry for the long rant, i'm bored and i was watching george carlin yesterday :P

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