Please judge my SAT score?

Please judge my SAT score? Topic: Please judge my SAT score?
June 18, 2019 / By Adenah
Question: Ok so I just got my SAT score and i wanted to see if it was good or not. 500 critical reading 610 math 440 writing 47 multiple choice 6 essay what colleges am I looking at with these scores?
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Teman Teman | 8 days ago
Hi Chris, The national average is around 1500, or 500 in each subject area (Math, Reading, and Writing). Students applying for Ivy League admission should aim for a 2250 or above. A score of 1100 (all three subject areas combined) is considered low by most colleges. Here is a sampling of some of the average SAT and ACT scores for colleges: Harvard (SAT 2250) (ACT 33) Stanford (SAT 2160) (ACT 32) Duke (SAT 2150) (ACT 32) Northwestern (SAT 2140) (ACT 33) UCLA (SAT 1940) (ACT 28) Texas (SAT 1840) (ACT 28) Georgia (SAT 1840) (ACT 27) UConn (SAT 1820) (ACT 27) Washington (SAT 1820) (ACT 27) Florida State (SAT 1790) (ACT 26) Michigan State (SAT 1660) (ACT 26) Boise State (SAT 1540) (ACT 23) San Jose State (SAT 1530) (ACT 22) Western Carolina (SAT 1530) (ACT 21) Bowling Green (SAT 1500) (ACT 22) Southern Maine (SAT 1470) (ACT 21) Note that these scores were computed using the rounded average of the 50th percentile range on College Board’s College Search. Good luck!
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Hmmm...would that be for content or for grammar? Honestly speaking...I like your thoughts, very idealistic!:) But if you're going to pass this as an entry, it will need more improvement. Read and learn. About the contents... Don't generalize unless you know you can defend what you said. That's credibility. Lie on the side of error and clarify, use "I think...", "I have observed..", etc. On grammar and sentence construction... Go over the whole thing. Sentence per sentence. Check your tenses, some present tenses stray to past ideas. If I would read this aloud in a speech I would not know where to stop and the meaning would turn out vague I will just continue talking and talking because there is no period or comma as you probably have noticed with the way I wrote this loooong sentence. Go back to basic things in English. Attention slips out easily so decorate with periods, commas, or semi-colons. Readers would appreciate many short sentences rather than a long sentence-paragraph. In constructing an essay, make each sentence of a paragraph work harmoniously towards an end. Each paragraph should have a purpose on their own so that the ideas do not jumble. It is but proper that you use formal language for this scholarship. In a way, it tells the reader that you are serious about this, that you are worth the slot. Avoid "like" and other expressions. Instead, use "for example, or such as". You have great ideas but delivery is another matter. If you heard someone read this to you, would you be bored? would you get excited? Use Word's thesaurus (shift+F7) if that would help spice up your work(caution: don't overuse). I'll tell you a secret of essay writers. They make an explosive introduction, an enticing body, and a dramatic ending. Sometimes, the lack of thought would not matter, but if you can make the reader "feel and think" with you, there would be nothing else to say but ---> "." P.S. Last tip: Your mind was probably ticked off with something in the way I wrote my "essay". What was it? The paragraphs were jumbled. ~~~~....~~~~ I wish you good luck! Take good care of our animals! ;)
Teman Originally Answered: score my essay from 1 to 100 please tell me what do you think the score should be?its for a scholarship?
Around 1969, the NBA put in the 3-second lane violation rule. Until then, the team on offense could cherry pick underneath the basket for the entire 24 seconds. But since the rule came in, it's really limited the number of points the big men can get under the basket because they can't stand in the lane for more than 3 seconds. If then rule had been in effect in 1962, Wilt Chamberlain would probably not have had a 100-point game.

Philip Philip
you got a 1550 i would suggest taking it again and studying a little harder but it is higher than the average which is 1400 but it is not great your math is awesome but you need help with your writing skills a 6 on an essay is not great. I personally got my scores back today to and i got a 1640 and a 10 on my essay my math was not as good as yours though lol take it again and study and you could probably get 1900 which will open doors for much more schools than a 1550
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Macie Macie
Why are so many people getting 6's on their essays? Anyways my score was close to yours 550 Critical Reading 530 Math 430 Writing 1510, we have a whole summer to study, so we should be able to get it into the 1800 range
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Don't change if you don't want to and you're not harming others. Which you are not. Also, I'd like to point out, that dude was never your friend in the first place if he's showing concern that you're "poor" by shunning you or talking smack (or both in this case, from the sounds of it) rather than being helpful about matters. Personally, I have a lot of experience with the poor. I am nowhere close to poor, but I am heavily involved with the very poor and homeless in my community. A lot of them dress very, very nicely in what others perceive as "things I can't afford, they're getting too much on welfare!" and other BS when in fact, I, and others like me, buy much of their clothing. Usually by taking them to thrift stores on sale days as the bulk of the money my group brings in via donations goes to things like medical care, transitional housing, food, transportation and subsidies of various sorts we provide for our clients. So the manner of dress does not necessarily indicate that you are "poor" or "wealthy", it's just the way you dress because you like it or that's what you happen to have. If someone can't deal with that, then that's their problem, not yours. As for why he cares - as I already mentioned, he really doesn't. He actually shouldn't care how anyone dresses at all, "friend" or not, unless he's caring in a helpful manner.This means he doesn't "care" so much as he enjoys being a judgmental douchebag. Remember that peek at his true personality and avoid him as much as possible. People like that are never worth your time or energy.

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