plzz helpp me ! boys r so confusing! readd onn.?

plzz helpp me ! boys r so confusing! readd onn.? Topic: plzz helpp me ! boys r so confusing! readd onn.?
July 16, 2019 / By Zefania
Question: Well iv liked this boy for a while now . hes a bit of a flirt! im not very confident because i dont like the way i look although people tell me im pretty (i dont think so) so it makes me shy around boys. even when i was a bit shy tho , i alwaiiz caught him looking at me! today i was realy confident for a change and we talked and flirted quite a bit , but when i talked to him on the computer he said that he couldnt talk coz he was busy with homework (we had a lot!). what does this mean does he like me ..think im ok...dosnt like me .....?? i just cant tell since iv never had a boyfriend before! im 14 btw :) thanks for your help x yess they should come with instructions lmao x oh yeahh everyonee i know types like this! :D but thanks for the advice x i suppose i am young but you cant realy help what you feel!! :P oh yeah and when i said about the homework thing it was just straight off cant talk doin homework . :S THANKS FOR AL THE ANSWERSS :P I REALY LIKE THIS GUY I JUST CANT GET HIM OUT OF MY HEAD LOL X
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Best Answers: plzz helpp me ! boys r so confusing! readd onn.?

Siward Siward | 6 days ago
he wont like you until you type correctly, boys think its a terrible turnoff to type all like cuzz and aiiight and like that. also, if you think you are ugly, you are probably right. get some confidence.
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Siward Originally Answered: Such a bad and confusing situation?
It's like the song, "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry :) Ha. Hmmm. Talk to him more. Obviously he wants to give you attention whenever he's around you. And some boys do it in a mean way, and some do it in a nice way. And you must kinda like him, if your face gets red when you see him. Probably get butterflies too ! :D Ha. But yeaaah - Talk it out with him. He might like you, but not tryna say it.

Opher Opher
I wish I could be 14 again... There are so many things that I know now that I didn't have a clue about at 14. My advice to you sweetheart is just to take it slow, let him make all of the moves. If he really likes you, he'll show it or just come right out and tell you. At 14yrs old, it's hard for boys to express they're true feelings, so he might be a little shy too, but just give it some time... He'll step up! If he doesn't then, Oh, well... It's not the end of the world and just like he was checking you out, someone else will too. Here's a little tip: The more confident you are about yourself, the more others will think that way of you too. Remember that! Also, try getting in the mirror and telling yourself how pretty you are. Do that everyday until you don't need to any more. It helped me build confidence in myself when I was a teenager. Try it! Good Luck P.S. Don't fall for the first guy that shows you some attention, there will be plenty more, so you do the picking and let them line up for you. Women are always the ones that decides who we want... Not the guys. They just think they do:):)
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Layton Layton
He probably does like you but was just busy with homework. But then again, are you sure he was flirting? Some guys just have flirting as a personality trait. As in it seems like they are, but they're not. Btw, just as an suggestion. Don't grow up to fast. You're 14, do you REALLY need a boyfriend? Just stay friends, hang out, go do stuff together. It'll be fun. If it's meant to happen, it'll happen. Get to know each other first, or it'll never work. Trust me, I was 15 when I found the love of my life. We're now married, and expecting our first child. You might just be as lucky. Don't give up. <3 Annamarie
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Jackson Jackson
I'm sure he couldn't talk to you because he was actually doing homework. And girl if people tell you that you are pretty than they're not lying! Be confident in yourself, boys will like that in you. Some boys are flirts and jsut like to do it with every girl they see, so maybe you should ask him to hang out! Then you can spend some time alone and see where it takes you. Good luck!
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Finlay Finlay
probably does but apparently not on top priority list , or any list at all, so nothing to get excited about as he is busy, and might not fulfill what you dream or desire if have different or own and are separate. i think i just come to a point where i not worry about the outcome anymore and just be me , meaning accepting whatever happens and not afraid of doing or saying something because its either gonna work or not last and willing to find out anytime soon as u been for a long time any any inadequacies are no longer here.
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Finlay Originally Answered: Studying has been confusing my life or what?
I'm sorry if I am blunt but that is a cop out. Your friends are not with you 24\7. You have plenty of time to study. I bet there are many activities you do that are not necessarily pleasant but you don't really give much thought and just do it, like limiting how much you eat, putting out the garbage, brushing your teeth, waking up early to go to school...If study is so hard to do than it is probably because you don't like to study in the first place, and not because you need more time with your friends. I am not saying you should force yourself to do something you hate. I am a big believer in enjoying the process, that is, even if you want to become a doctor in ten years you should be able to enjoy yourself right now and look forward for the next day. We attribute meaning to people and objects and act accordingly. Objects don't have a meaning by themselves. A book is just a book: paper and ink, so why do you think it is so hard to study? This is something you have to ask yourself, as it varies from case to case.

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