Pro animal testing for medical purposes?

Pro animal testing for medical purposes? Topic: Pro animal testing for medical purposes?
June 18, 2019 / By Anthia
Question: I'm writing a paper on it. I have already written about how we can't test on humans, and also about how it is vital to research. But this is all I can think of. I'm on page 3, and it needs to be 5. : [
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Zachary Zachary | 8 days ago
I read a great book on heart surgeries and how the first by pass heart surgeries were done on Labrador Retrievers. The dog has a heart just like the human heart. This book was dedicated to all the Labrador Retrievers and all the dogs in the world! It was written by a heart surgeon on the history of heart surgery. I love dogs and I love my Dad too, My Dad has been saved by our by pass heart surgery and other heart surgeries several times. Our Modern heart surgeries are due to the dedicated heart doctors and Labrador Retrievers who gave their life to save us, Bye!
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Zachary Originally Answered: My Paper On Animal Testing. Help Me Please?
U won't find newspaper (with the exception of some letters-to-the-editor) or medical journal articles opposing animal testing... A lot of $$$ is made from animal testing... Since you've already been to PETA & ASPCA, try HSUS.ORG.
Zachary Originally Answered: My Paper On Animal Testing. Help Me Please?
If you've ever taken any medication, used any cosmetic product, or eaten any food that was processed in any way, you've benefited from animal testing. Everyone has. A very large number of people owe their lives to animal testing, most without even realizing it (vaccines). That includes everyone at PETA, the vice-president of which uses animal products every day in the form of medications. Can anyone say 'hypocrite'?

Shiloh Shiloh
Animal testing is fine so long as there's huge oversight and justifications. Make a page on how to justify animal testing to accomidate both sides. Like, you can't just say "Animal testing saves lives". You have to say "Animal testing should be allowed so long as all other means of testing has been exhausted." or "Animal testing is would be great if the experiments are on the final stages." Like...there's no reason to butcher an animal just to see how it'll squirm, and there's no reason to keep animal in sub-standard cages. As I said, with the proper oversight and justification, more people would be ameanable to testing
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Obadiah Obadiah
You could also include the basis for animal testing. I would say animal testing is fine as long as it's for a serious breakthrough drug that doesn't already exist. Like if they believed they found a cure for cancer, try it on animals before humans. But if it is foot cream, I'd say try other methods of testing.
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Obadiah Originally Answered: how do i start an essay on animal testing?
I would start it with a fact about animal testing or a strong opinion you have about it sinse you can elaborate when it comes to facts and personal opinions. Go to this website i posted under source and read that article and im sure after reading that you will be able to come up with an opening statement. Good luck!

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