Question about Abilify?

Question about Abilify? Topic: Question about Abilify?
June 24, 2019 / By Wynonna
Question: Today, I was prescribed Abilify for bipolar disorder. The problem is, I'm almost entirely certain that I'm not bipolar. I do have symptoms related to the disorder, however it's clear to me that the irritability, depression, racing thoughts, anxiety, etc. are a direct result of my debilitating struggle with severe Anorexia. However, upon making this extraordinarily clear to a rather arrogant psychiatrist, he ignored every word and prescribed Abilify anyway. My question is, even if I don't have bipolar disorder, will this medication still help to relieve my symptoms?
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Shawnee Shawnee | 9 days ago
Do more research on Psychiatry. its not for everyone. There isn't one way to solve a problem. Do research on the history of psychiatry and the DSM, where mental illnesses come from. Things you need to know about the drug: -ONLY 1 in 10 people find that its a miracle drug. The rest are placebos, neutrals and adverses -1 in 4 people are effected negatively by the drug -Once you take to the drug you CAN'T GET OFF WHENEVER YOU WANT. Going cold turkey is the most dangerous thing a person could do. Because of the withdrawals. The withdrawals could get really bad, people think its the return of the illness but its the effects of the brain not getting its fix. The withdrawals indicate physical addiction. -Just because the FDA cleared it doesn't mean its a safe drug. The documenting of these drugs for it to pass just isn't reliable. For clinical drug studies 40% of users drop out and then aren't counted in the study. There's something wrong with the system and no one is fixing it. Ex. for the drug Cymbalta reserach study. During the study Tracy Johnson, college student, she didn't have mental illness history but succeeded in committing suicide. That was induced by the drug and they didn't report her case as an incident. This type of thing is actually common. I used to think these people who criticized psychiatry was crazy and cynical but they have legitimate criticisms. Psychiatry needs a disclaimer. Do your own research on the dsm, pharmaceutical industry, psychiatry's history. The whole thing is on unstabile ground. I suggest seeing a counselor. Because Psychiatry isn't suppose to provide a cure. its a management system. Its true because my friends who entered it 13 years ago are still taking their meds. If they feel better they're still paranoid their problems might come back. This practice keeps people from moving on. Invest your money into people who will teach you the psychological tools rather than medicate you. You do need help with what you can't manage. If you choose psychiatry don't stay there forever find something that will help you develop the tools you need and move on. That would the cognitive work and taking care of your body.
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Paris Paris
The irritability and anxiety, I think, might be helped by Abilify, but I I would seriously consider going to a different psychiatrist. I'm on Abilify and it decreases my appetite incredibly. It does help with the irritability, but I'm on two other meds, so it could be the others, or the combination of all three. If you are a minor, I would recommend asking your parents/guardians to find a new psychiatrist for you.
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Margaret Margaret
If your psychiatrist isn't listening to you, it's best to try looking for a new one. They're not all competent, and it's not uncommon to have to shop around for one who isn't a totally inept jerk. Abilify may still help with some of the symptoms, but if you believe your diagnosis is incorrect, who knows... Seriously, look for someone else; your life and health are too valuable to be subjected to shoddy practice, and there's no sense in delaying improvement if you can help it.
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