Reasons to why smoking around children should be illegal?

Reasons to why smoking around children should be illegal? Topic: Reasons to why smoking around children should be illegal?
June 24, 2019 / By Sindy
Question: I am doing a persuasive essay/speech for my english class. my topic senctence is 'Smoking around children should be illegal' and i am agreeing with this. I need 3 reasons to make people believe this is true and i only have 2. Here are my reasons: 1. Children can develop many health problems from second hand smoke. 2. Children will think it is okay to smoke from their parents, and when they grow up, their children will think it is okay to smoke from them, that pattern will continue, which will equal generations of smokers. So i've already used impressions and health. and remember, this is children, not unborn babies and not teenagers. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much! Btw, I am 13 years old and am only in grade 7 english so nothing toooo complicated. thanks again!
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Phoebe Phoebe | 10 days ago
IT MAYBE A BIT TOO COMPLICATED, SORRY. Personally, I see smoking as something that people choose to do over the health and well-being of themselves and others around them. It's unfortunate that the craving of cancer and emphysema, among the other illnesses that smoking causes, is higher than their love for themselves and their children. I know it's addictive... thing is, don't be a moron to start doing so, and you won't have that problem of making excuses of "But I'm addicted!" Smoking is a moronic act that people do to themselves. It would be great if it was considered child abuse. Afterall, the children are not safe from second hand smoke, and parents are purposely exposing them to it. Once a smoking parent succumbs to cancer, emphysema, what have you... the child can then be placed with someone who cares about their health. → Jacknife
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Maryanna Maryanna
Im 13 almost 14. It can get children addicted to smoking the child has no say whether they are around it or not second hand and third hand smoke are just as harmful as smoking this was a commerical....imagine being strapped in a chair. the room is closed off to all fresh air....the room feels with can't began to on and so on....basically it was a child in a car seat with the windows rolled up and someone was smoking in the car. It is selfish and disgusting. It teaches bad habits.
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Lallie Lallie
Besides those 2 reasons? It affects them socially. Many children don't want to be around the children of smokers because they come to school smelling like smoke. It's in their clothes and hair. Plus, other parents won't want their children to go over to that child's house for the very reasons you've already mentioned. It can affect hygiene. Sounds bad, but it's true. When you're around the smoke so long, it affects your sense of smell. You can't always tell how you smell.
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Jennifer Jennifer
Financial issues? It could cause them to be impulsive spenders, seeing their parents smoke everywhere. Also it won't benefit them financially because their parents are always spending on cigarettes. Also the child would probably not enjoy living in a house full of smoke, or a car. It's not very fun. Coughing is not a fun thing. Also people might think the child smokes themselves because their clothes will smell like cigarettes... Hope I helped...
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Flick Flick
My father smoked 3 packs a day around my sister and I, plus we had 3 grandparents smoke around us too. We turned out normal healthy kids. Don't listen to the lab rats or the non smokers. They're just paranoid. If second hand smoke was as dangerous as people believe it is, there would be nobody alive in their 50s and 60s.
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Daffodil Daffodil
Sure, second-hand cigarette smoke will eventually kill you, but there's no murder charge because the tobacco industry is too rich and powerful. You'll soon be 18; move out of your mother's house. In the meantime, go outside or open a window when she starts smoking.
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Bindy Bindy
Children do not have strong lungs and if they grow up in a smoking enviroment, then they will have problems breathing at a younger age and give them problems with sports and activites which ruins their health even further.
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Ailse Ailse
Is it required of you to have 3 points? Because I think you have touched on the main reasons for it. You could greatly expand on both of those points to make enough of a speech.
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