Research about Women VS Men?

Research about Women VS Men? Topic: Research about Women VS Men?
June 19, 2019 / By Vivien
Question: I'm doing a seven page research paper on how women are better than men. No, I didn't choose this topic, my group did. I personally find men to be better in a lot of ways. Anyways, I need provable, scientific research about what ways women are better than men, and I can't find anything that isn't either a joke or just a prejudice. This is a college paper and I need real facts that are researchable. Can anyone help me out? Did everyone disregard that this is not what I believe? I have to do this for my English class: Argumentative and critical writing. And the teacher picked the topic. I just need research for proving that one sex does something better than the other.
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Shannah Shannah | 5 days ago
Try this: It isn't talking about how women are better(its a neutral article) but it has some amazing facts that could be used to talk about advantages women have over men. While I feel that men and women are partners(rather than one being better than the other) I understand how it can be fun to write these kinds of papers whether you believe it or not. And don't listen to In a Silent Way, he's a troll on here trying to prove that men are better than women. That is completely wrong and unscientifically proven. @A Silent Way: Let me help you understand something: ALL your links are from 2006, and they all are the same study. Much of the things in the articles have already been disproven. If you bothered to read the entire articles you'd realize that the article itself was already pointing out its flaws. One man pointed out that there seem to be Selection Bias within the Experiment, meaning the men and women who were picked for the experiment were extremely different from eachother. Second, you should know that it has already been proven that brain size has very little to do with intelligence. It is a common known fact that brain-to-body ratio is going to be what decides intelligence not the brain size itself. Men have larger brains due purely to the fact that they have bigger bodies, not because they are smarter. In fact, if you bothered to research any farther you'd understand that some of the most intelligent people on the face of this earth had much smaller brains than average. Einstein had a very small brain for his size and he was very intelligent. That is why scientists now theorize that densitity, rather than overall weight is more likely to determine intelligence. If you looked at any recent studies you'd realize that your particular study is very out of date and inaccurate. A newer study seperated men and women during test taking. Womens scores raised 12%, matching the boys scores. Scientists speculate that women are more likely to get lower scores due to stereotype threats, not lacking intelligence. Women also get better grades in math in school, showing that women get lower scores on tests for a reason besides intelligence(such as stereotype threats). Scientists also agree that the 2-3 IQ gap is easily connected to something else. We know this because 20 years ago the IQ gap was 15 points and the fact that it shrunk so easily within 20 years shows that it had to do with society/culture rather than intelligence. They linked the lower IQ scores to the fact that women take less science and math classes. Even today women often feel discouraged from taking several math and science classes. This easily describes the 3.5 IQ difference. I will also mention that men score only a tiny bit higher on math and science tests. How-ever have you ever thought about English and Writting Tests? Women seem to do significantly higher than men in such tests. And this difference is much larger than boys and math. My source on some of my information:
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Oralie Oralie
Yeah your speaking about intense element administration jobs or CEO jobs no longer your standard center classification jobs like a secretary or accountant or some thing. besides woman receives a fee a lot less in intense element jobs like those because they are nicely worth a lot less being that maximum go away paintings because of being pregnant and different weird and wonderful themes like a foul pms day or a small ailment. the base line is adult males are more effective probable to adhere round and positioned all their time into it, the position as woman do not stick round for most diverse motives.
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Maisie Maisie
There is no supporting evidence that claims women are superior than men, because they are not. But I can supply you with plenty of evidence that states the opposite. In every single society, women have invented next to nothing. This is no coincident. Women today still accomplish very little. Men are better than women at virtually every field. There is absolutely nothing that suggest women are better then men in any way. @Archituethis dux: The first link is peer-reviewed science, and some of the facts from your link got its information from science direct. You not liking my sources doesn't make them invalid. If you want to prove me wrong try refuting my claim, and not attacking the question.
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Kiara Kiara
Better is a value judgement, and you are free to choose any values that you want. Why don't you just declare yourself better than everyone else, and be done with it?
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Kiara Originally Answered: Are women who are very physically attractive more selfish than women who are average or plain-looking?
I don't know why everyone is doing this stupid politically correct bullshit, arguing that the two somehow don't influence each other and are separate traits. Bull. ****. Traits absolutely do influence one another. It's interesting that we'd have no problem saying the following: A person who is good looking will get more attention A person who gets more attention will be more likely to develop a selfish personality We'll easily say those two statements. What we apparently won't say is that: A person who is good looking will get more attention, which will make them more likely to develop a selfish personality. In my experience as a guy, attractive girls are a lot more selfish and arrogant in the persona aspect to their personality. In the facade they put out to every day people in society. There are many reasons for this. If you get to know them, the difference lessens, but I'd still say they're overall more selfish, arrogant, etc. And why wouldn't they be? They can.

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