research paper help.?

research paper help.? Topic: research paper help.?
June 18, 2019 / By Aislinn
Question: I have to do a research paper on any topic. I cant do any that have been talked about a lot (i.e. aids...abortion..cancer). Any ideas?
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Traherne Traherne | 10 days ago
You could do a research paper on the in equality of diversity in a school. You could do one on a problem in our society today such as "self-image" at school.You could even do one on how un-resourceful the society is today, including how many states are not strict on recycling or how there is to many houses being built that are un-necessary. There's a bunch of stuff. Just think of problems in our society today, I'm sure it will give you a different perspective and help you decide what to talk about. Hope i helped! Good luck.
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Traherne Originally Answered: I have to write a research paper partaning to a psychological research study, does anyone have any ideas?
to be honest, there are lots of interesting psychological researches to be made. the simplest example : the difference between male and female behaviour trust me it is worth it. lots of studies has been made and interesting results they are getting. for an example there is this hormone called oxytocin (for females) makes them have that nursing feature and strenghthen the bond with her children. when males have a hormone called vasopressin and makes them loyal to their partner. very interesting you can relate changes in behaviour to genes.. any tips, I am ready to give. good luck

Redmund Redmund
What is something that you feel passionate about? When writing a research paper its best to do something you are interested in. Maybe something thats been brought up a lot in the news lately? Good luck!
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Maurice Maurice
Does it have to be about things today? Write about WWI's cause to WWII, or WWII's cause to the Cold War. Write about the amount of homeless war veterans, about the benefits not received by the Vietnam veterans, and how the pattern is being repeated with the Iraq veterans. Write about animal shelters. Write about animal influence on children's learning. Write about how different types of music have affected society. Write about the No Child Left Behind plan, or the fact that arts and social studies have been severely under taught due to standardized testing. Write about standardized testing. Write about anything... Write about how wearing bras that don't fit can lead to breast cancer. Write about the impact of reading or of extra curriculars on grades. Write about the declining economy. Write about global warming. Write about the increased pressure to get into college, how it's getting harder to get into college, and about the children who don't get those opportunities.
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Jocelyn Jocelyn
recyclling of newspaper, small town America financial survival through antique (junk) shops openings. Unreliability of census figures. They ALWAYS have to do recounts to get it right. Waste in government spending. Ya'll need an $800 toilet seat? Endless string of campaign ads more than a year in advance. pick one death of the newspaper? illiteracy rate increasing in the US. Kids cannot spell nor write
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Jocelyn Originally Answered: I have to write a research paper on AIDS that is profound.What questions should I ask & answer within paper?
are you talking about something like a thesis or some term paper like thing? if so, your questions will depend on the title of your paper. your paper's title will bring the focus of the whole thing and it is from there that you can formulate the questions that has to be answered. it is the title of your paper that creates a perimeter because the topic of AIDS in itself is too vast and too vague. you have to narrow it and it will be reflected in the title of your paper. from your title, it's easier to make a lot of questions. bUT if its just some paper assignment you can just start with what is AIDS What causes AIDs Who are affected by AIDS How can this be transmitted or how can one get it What are the signs and symptoms How can having this be prevented if its some kind of big research paper, you can also incorporate local statistics, opinions of your local doctors, read journals in order to get statistics and other research finding that can support your paper. AND... make sure these are not just some internet sites... = ) umm... you know if this is some serious research paper... = ) may be you can conduct a survey that measures the level of knowledge of your concerned group and put this in your research paper and interpret... what may be the implication of these findings.... kind those guidelines which you can use to formulate the questions u need. all you nees is really just some more narrowed down topic... = ) also, since you are doing a survey, the tool you are using is a questionnaire and questions from this tool will have to be related to your title and the questions from here will also help you answer the research questions which you shall be making. You can DO that paper! = ) I Hope this helps.... = ) God Bless YOu!!! =)

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