Room decorations! creative people?!:)?

Room decorations! creative people?!:)? Topic: Room decorations! creative people?!:)?
June 26, 2019 / By Aiden
Question: hey guys! im redecorating my room! i want creative things to put on my wall. for an example like putting handprints all over or writing song lyrics with paint. thanks! all ideas are appreciatedd:)) oh and minus the celebratie posters.. haha
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Susie Susie | 7 days ago
to go along with your handprint theme, use chalkboard paint, do handprints. buy a bulliten board and make a collage of you&Your friends. have them put handprints around the collage, and let it dry. let them write their name in chalk! and if you lose them as friends, erase it:D
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Randy Randy
hmm put some posters on ur wall, like of ur favorite band or tv show. thats what i did to my room. You could also hang a mirror abouve ur bed. You could also put a tv in a corner of ur room and put a chair in front of it...its cozy :D
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Mercy Mercy
Well, i am also redecorating my room and i was thinking about doing a beach themed room! i thought it was a great idea and you are welcome to use it too!! Haha hope i helped!!! :)
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