School Tips. 10 pts to best answer!?

School Tips. 10 pts to best answer!? Topic: School Tips. 10 pts to best answer!?
July 16, 2019 / By Katie
Question: I am in the eigth grade, and I am finding it hard to stay organized, so I was wondering if anyone knows and ideas or good things to buy to stay organized? Also, I am finding it rather hard to stay focused/motivated on my homework, so also, and Ideas for that? And some study tips would be helpful. Best Answer will get 10 points!(:
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Hettie Hettie | 6 days ago
Dividers, sticky notes, highlighters help me alot as for the homework i also dont stay focused on it either so cant help you there but for studying it helps me to read aloud to my self and high light all the important stuff then i like to make my own mini quiz to test myself on vocab and other stuff like that hope this helps! =)
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Easter Easter
Oh, Eighth grade. To stay organized you can use a binder for the whole day with folders for all your classes. And have the required amount of copybooks/notebooks. Obviously have a pencil case. If you have a locker get a shelf thing or two and stack the books you need for each time you go to it together so you don't have to waste time at your locker. If you have a desk you keep things in just try to keep it as neat as you can. For Staying focused just try to shut out all distractions, and take 5 minute breaks every half hour or so, it takes you that long. But, 8th grade is a very fun year, have fun with it(:
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Chalice Chalice
Okay so make sure you have many binders and tabs to stay organized in classes. and for my homework i use a small binder so i can put the work in that i need (and notes) home. Heres a great tip! before you do homework go outside for a run (or some other cardio activity, maybe play a little soocer) basically just get active and then sit down and do your homework.. it helps me sooo much! My biggest tip while studying is rewriting notes, and the even bigger one is to make flash cards for everything! and go over them often until you really get the material! so i used to be really unorganized and those things really helped! good luckk
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Annora Annora
For organization you should try using tab dividers in your binder or have a folder and spiral notebook for each class. A day planner might also help you to keep organized. If you need motivation try thinking about all of the good things that will come after you finnish school! hope that helped
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York York
Oh, eight grade was a breeze. I honestly slacked and still passed, but now I'm in high school. Anyways, folder always keep me organized. And sometimes binders(1in). Get dividers and label them like 1)Notes; 2) Homework; 3) Exams/tests/quizzes; 4) Handout papers; etc. Small pencil containers help too(but I keep my pencils and pens in my purse).
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York Originally Answered: Middle school Tips!?
1. Always be prepared. 2. Think before you speak, you might think you know the answer, but double check. 3. Know your limits. If something is too hard or is confusing, ask for help 4. Only surround yourself with people who make you feel good 5. Keep your friends close and your fr-enemies far 6. If you have a lot of trouble in a subject, get a tutor 7. Write down every teacher’s name in your notebook for that class so you don’t forget 8. Put your homework back in your backpack as soon as your done 9. Don’t take a class because your friends are. 10. Eat at lunch, don’t just talk 11. Be yourself! 12. In a sea of people, no one notices one mistake 13. If your teacher gives out a wrong answer, raise your hand to correct her 14. DON’T correct teacher’s grammar 15. If your best (and only) friend moves, MAKE MORE! 16. Don’t just do your homework and be done, check over it 17. Do your best. Your best is all anyone can ask you to do 18. To lie you need a good memory, to tell the truth you don’t. 19. Always keep an extra shirt in your locker for if you spill something. 20. Fashion fads are highly overrated, they end as soon as they start 21. Due dates are closer then they appear 22. Don’t make excuses over everything, own up to your mistakes 23. Be sure your caught up in middle school homework and classwork. If you get behind it’s hard to make up 24. Read assignments and directions carefully 25. Have your own style and stick with it 26. Have a special binder for homework assignments so you don’t lose them 27. You don’t need a guy/girl to be cool or happy 28. If you like a guy/girl be yourself, if he doesn’t like you, his loss 29. Be involved, dress the part for special days 30. Get a lift to school on rainy days or else you’ll spend homeroom in wet jeans 31. Never end a friendship over rumors 32. Join tons of club so you can meet friends with the same interests as you. 33. Be friends with people who don’t get in trouble 34. It’s okay to make new friends; but don’t forget your old ones 35. Never try to be popular, just do things you like 36. Be friends with people you care about most. 37. Always hang out with people who make you laugh 38. If you REALLY want to keep something secret, keep it to yourself. Even a bff can let it slip sometimes 39. Never let your enemies see you cry, that only lets them win 40. When the popular people talk, others listen 41. Always understand when a friend makes a mistake 42. Live life to the greatest 43. Talk to your guidance counselor if something is wrong 44. The place you sit in lunch on the first day is where you’ll be sitting for the rest of the year 45. Do things you enjoy 46. Act fine, even if your not, around teachers. 47. Don’t sit next to a cute guy/girl in class, it’ll distract you 48. Get exercise and be healthy 49. Push through all of the drama 50. Stay away from crushes 51. Don’t get crushed by a crush 52. Don’t tell your teacher that your doing something to get out of class. 53. Teachers like to think your doing things for non-selfish reasons 54. Don’t ignore your friend when she is telling you something important 55. Be the first one to apologize after a fight 56. Keep your head high and charge for the mountain 57. Love, laugh, live 58. No recess is a good thing, not as much drama 59. Manage your lunch time 60. Only make commitments you can keep 61. Boys/Girls are overrated, ignore them 62. Focus more on school than being popular 63. Stay true to yourself and you will make it through 64. Don’t worry about a test if you studied, you’ll do fine! 65. Don’t fall for guys/girls for looks! 66. Open up your eyes and see what kind of person you really are 67. Don’t try to make people feel sorry for you 68. If your trying to get a guy to notice you don’t come to school in a tube top and mini skirt 69. Don’t worry about what other people say YOU LOOK GREAT!! 70. Round up some of your clothes and find what matches 71. Pick out your clothes the night before 72. Don’t send your friend to tell your crush you like him! 73. ALWAYS wear deodorant 74. KARMA! What goes around comes around 75. Just have fun and make the best of the year

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