Should femininstic censorship be banned by law?

Should femininstic censorship be banned by law? Topic: Should femininstic censorship be banned by law?
June 27, 2019 / By Angie
Question: Because of femininistic influences, textbook makers are no longer allowed to portray women as housewives. Texts and literature in English classes are subjected to a "censorship committee" where all references to full-time mothers, men as breadwinners, Asians as being good at maths, etc., etc. are eliminated. Should such censorship be banned by law? [KatScratch] That's very good of you. You'll be doing us all a favour. [Juniper] Some of those books sound very interesting, do you happen to have links to any of them? (By the way, I hope you don't mind me culling some wording from an answer of yours on another thread.) [Aurum] Interesting storyline!
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Willy Willy | 7 days ago
*Someone* has to decide what belongs in textbooks. However, most parents don't realize that there really is a "bias and stereotype review" committee that ALL literature, even lit used in reading tests, and all other textbooks must pass through to be used in schools. They have a very clear agenda - to mold what children are exposed to in order to influence their values and the way they see the world. This is overstepping the bounds of education, and moves into *raising* other people's children for them, so I find this unethical. sources: What Johnny Shouldn`t Read: Textbook Censorship in America (DelFattore) "Why do I have to learn this stuff?" Misinformation and the American High-School Literature Textbook (Stevens) Cruel compassion: how politically correct psychology weakens Americans (Hoff-Sommers) Public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie to Parents and Betray Our Children (Turtel) The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students Learn (Ravitch) I can list about 10 more, if anyone still wonders about the extent of censorship in our school system and reading materials. A review of Ravitch's books states: ..."Ravitch served as the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education from 1991 to 1993. Her expertise and her 30-year commitment to education lend authority and urgency to this important book, which describes in copious detail how pressure groups from the political right and left have wrested control of the language and content of textbooks and standardized exams, often at the expense of the truth (in the case of history), of literary quality (in the case of literature), and of education in general. Like most people involved in education, Ravitch did not realize ****"that educational materials are now governed by an intricate set of rules to screen out language and topics that might be considered controversial or offensive."**** " EDIT: I buy my books from Amazon. At the moment, they are all in boxes in the garage, as we've moved house recently. However, I'm sure that all the titles must have come from Start with Ravitch's if you're interested. Hers is the most complete and the most fun to read. For example, a story about a blind man who climbed Mt. Everest was banned from an elementary school textbook - because the story showed his blindness as a disability he had to overcome, not just as a "difference". If the story was inspiring, that would have meant that he was actually disabled by his "difference", and had to overcome it - which is just not PC. Uh, what? LOL I don't mind you quoting me, so long as you give me an opportunity to elaborate for those who want to challenge the validity of my point. You did, so I don't mind at all.
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Willy Originally Answered: What should i do my censorship term paper on?
I Would go with the widespread surveillance of our phone records. At first the government said it was rare and only with a court order, then they said OK, it wasn't with a court order but it was rare then we found out ALL our phone records were being inspected!

Selah Selah
Change does take a little time. Just look at other places such as Ireland and New York (to name two diverse examples) that have banned public smoking years ago. Have these places had an onslaught of pubs shutting down? No? Maybe they've just had a complete lack of a nightlife since noone wants to go out anymore and non smokers musn't in your demented logic want a social life? No again? Oh well. This is just another rambling of a bitter smoker. It's about time you selfish smokers had your filthy habit curbed. Now we non smokers can enjoy pubs and restaurants and in fact anywhere we damn well choose without being subject to your filthy habit.
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Nekoda Nekoda
ALL censorship should be banned by law. Particularly the censorship of history. Just because we don't agree with things does not mean we can just snap our fingers on a whim and make them disappear. That is why it is called a free and open society. Whether we like it or not, history is what it was. To change the way it is written or deny it's existence is insane. I believe there is actually a law against denying the Holocaust. Maybe the same law should apply to ALL history.
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Killeen Killeen
Yes! Cause then we wouldn't be able to read classic literature in school anymore (cause lets face it, in the 1800's women were housewives, and men were breadwinners), I'd never be able to publish a book because all my main characters fit that stereotypes (except for the one I'm writing now, but then again my MC (main character) wasn't actually born on 'earth' (well she was, just not in our dimension) but then because she is one of only a handful of females of her specie's, she respects men (well not the males of her specie's, she's given up on them. But human males she respects.) As well, the longer we slowly weed out anti-feminist idea's the more we inch toward communism (think USSR) or Fascist (the Hitler) society. NO THANK-YOU!
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Hugh Hugh
The problem with censorship is that you need to incorporate common sense when doing so. That is not always (rarely) the case. I'm generally against censorship; but I think there are extremes where at a young age, children should be protected from some aspects of the world. They will have more than enough exposure by society later on...
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Erick Erick
There are too many damn rules these days. People think they have a right to not be offended in anyway.. ridiculous. I think laws are there to protect us from physical harm and oppression. Outside of that.. screw it. Censorship is stupid. I think profanity should be allowed on TV and even kids programs. Why not? What will happen if kids start cursing? Its not like they wont pick it up anyway.. so why try to stop it? Too many rules leads to too many rebels and sociopaths. They become bitter at society for not being allowed to be who they are.
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