Should I be jealous that I am not getting a PS4 or Xbox One anytime soon?

Should I be jealous that I am not getting a PS4 or Xbox One anytime soon? Topic: Should I be jealous that I am not getting a PS4 or Xbox One anytime soon?
July 16, 2019 / By Lavern
Question: Im 14 and my parents won't allow me to get either consoles even if I use my own money. They tell me that I have too many video games and that I should be putting my spending money in my savings account for my future. The main reason why i am asking this is because sony and microsoft keep advertising their consoles and games and there are people I know that are getting these consoles from their parents for the holidays and it makes me feel left out.
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Jaanai Jaanai | 1 day ago
My mom spoiled me with video games ever since I was at the age of 4... Please do NOT get addicted to video games, I have just started to get video games out of my way and I'm 17 as of now. An addiction is difficult to cut, I play an 1 hour or 2 everyday now which is fine. The rest of my spare time I'll do yard work, chores, read a book, go for a walk (exercise), or study my homework for a quiz/test. Look forward to the future, learn from your mistakes & succeed! Consider sports if you're not in sports. I have not been in sports, but I have learned from my mistakes from growing up and I'm still looking towards the future and the present. I try my hardest not to regret what I've done in the past, but there will always be just that bit. My favorite thing to do growing up was doing yard work, I loved planting, decorating landscapes for the creativity of it, mowing, and lots of other yard work. Find a good hobby. Also, you should save your money! Find little jobs to do, like baby sitting, mowing, chores, etc. You won't regret saving money, it will be useful later on in the future. Good luck. ~ Kurt
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Filbert Filbert
I'm not getting one for another year, there are so many issues. I'm sure if you got a job in say a year or two (Some places hire 14-15 year olds, but limited work hours) They would let you purchase one, as you put the work and effort into it. However, If your grades in school are poor, I would recommend following the advice of your parents. I'm 15, and my parents let me play games like GTA V and other M-Rated games, and for as long as I want, because I get good grades and I am mature. I'm sure your parents would be fine with it. Wait a few years. There will still be games coming out for PS3 and Xbox 360. Have you played The Last of Us? Halo 4? Uncharted 3? Fable 3? The Last of Us and Uncharted 3 are amazing PS3 exclusives, and Halo 4 and Fable 3 are the same; Absolutely phenomenal titles. No need to be jealous, enjoy your time on the current generation of consoles.
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Daniel Daniel
No, don't be jealous. The "Good games" don't come out for awhile anyway. Most of the games on the new consoles are ports and such. Also, by the time you can buy one, a newer model may be out, which will have less issues, probably be quieter, cheaper, and have more storage. So you're not missing out. Enjoy what you have.
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Aylmer Aylmer
Your not missing anything right now. The consoles are fun right now but not really any enjoyable games. Wait 1 to 2 years and the games and problems of the consoles should be fixed :D
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Vivyan Vivyan
NO DONT be jealous i have ps3 and wiiu and thats enough for me im not getting ps4 until my ps3 breaks which will be in like 2 or 3 years so dont be jealous enjoy the systems that u have now and just get new games for the systems u already have and be patient when u turn 16 get a job then u can get ps4 until then appreciate what u already have like i do. Be happy, patient and dont be envious.
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