Should I go take my laptop back?

Should I go take my laptop back? Topic: Should I go take my laptop back?
June 19, 2019 / By Tony
Question: Right, I asked a question last night about me getting kicked out my house soo this is kind of another question related. My gran's going out tonight, and I have keys... so should I go in and take my laptop and more clothes whilst shes out? 'cause she'll be super mad. So should I go get my laptop back and listen to her shouting or hitting me when she finds out or just forget about my laptop until everything's sorted? [all my essays are on my laptop, and i need them for school...and it doesn't look like we're sorting anything out any time soon] Actually, the other day I really really needed my laptop cause of the essays - but she still said no. I needed them for my ghost folio on friday, luckily I said I was having family problems and the teacher let it go. cuh.
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Ruby Ruby | 1 day ago
The keys are in the door, twist. Walk in, laptop, clothes, out. Haha :) I hope it does make her made, I'm getting excited and I'm not even the one that has to do it! Haha, what a sad-o :'(. I didn't read your question last night, so I don't know the core of the problem... But still. If she gets mad then obviously tell her that it's really important and for school. If she doesn't understand, tell her that you don't really care, because she obviously doesn't care about your welfare is she doesn't care about your education. Good luck. I'll be black :)
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Nell Nell
I don't think you should take your laptop without her knowing. Like you said, she might get mad at you. Maybe, you can ask her if you are allowed to go get your laptop. Inform her that all of your essays that you need for school are on there. Hopefully, she'll understand that it's important and she'll allow you to go get it. Edit - If she'll still say no, then I really don't know what to tell you. Can you do without your laptop for now? Or you could go get it, if you're fine with her getting mad at you. It's up to you. If you do end up going to get it, tell her that you would have gotten in huge trouble with your teacher if you didn't have your work. Good luck.
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Louella Louella
You should probably go and get your things. If she asks, tell her that your teacher got mad because you haven't been able to do your essays for school, and you were running out of clothes. I hope everything is sorted out soon!
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Katie Katie
Take it back. If you need it for school then she would be in the wrong freaking out on you for taking it. If she flips out just tell her why you took it. I can't see her still being mad at you for that.
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Hettie Hettie
i think you should go and get them if you need them for school its pointless getting in trouble with everyone else
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