Should I go to CSU East Bay or SFSU?

Should I go to CSU East Bay or SFSU? Topic: Should I go to CSU East Bay or SFSU?
June 26, 2019 / By Susana
Question: Im from las vegas and want to move to the bay. Im majoring in studio art and was wondering which of the two schools i should go to? also, if i were to attend SFSU, would living in oakland cut it, or is it too much of a commute? thanks. :]
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Rahel Rahel | 3 days ago
Neither school is worth the out of state tuition fees, which is the case with almost all public universities. The SFSU and CSU-EB out of state tuition cost is more than ten thousand dollars a year higher than the in state tuition cost at UNLV and the cost of living in the Bay Area is much higher than in Las Vegas, especially for rent. Only about one per cent of the students at either California school are from out of state. California residents are given very high priority for admission. Especially at SFSU students often cannot get places in the classes they want or need when they want or need them. Graduation often takes five or six years. Oakland is probably too long a commute to SFSU. You would need to take BART to San Fransisco and and a bus or light rail from a San Francisco BART station to SFSU. Especially if you need to take a bus to an Oakland BART station, the commute would take well over an hour each way and you may not get a seat on the train and bus and would have to stand. The two campuses have very different atmospheres and a trip from Las Vegas to visit them while classes are in session would be very worthwhile. Obtain permission from the admissions offices to sit in on some studio art classes and also spend time studying the art work which is displayed in the art departments. I probably do not need to add that a studio art degree seldom leads to income which is sufficient for self support. I can understand your desire to move here, but you should give the whole matter very serious thought.
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Melva Melva
SFSU or California College of the Arts which has Oakland and SF locations. Too much of a commute to get to SFSU from Oakland, prob an hour each way by BART. If you have a car and won't go during rush hour it would be okay.
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Leigh Leigh
SFSU is the better school for that. But East Bay would be the easier commute. But not by a lot. From Oakland you take BART to market street then the muni to the SFSU campus.
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Joni Joni
Both of them are excellent choices! But if you want more of the "college experience" go to CSU East Bay. SF State is a big time commuter school. CSU East Bay also has a great campus if you haven't checked it out yet!
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