Should I just give up on school?

Should I just give up on school? Topic: Should I just give up on school?
June 27, 2019 / By Amethyst
Question: I am doing the most pointless subjects ever, these are art, media and ict! I cannot change subjects now :( I did not go to school today and I have been crying all day, I might not go tomorrow either. I just feel like a loser and I just want to give up on school...I mean what is the point? Are these subjects really going to give me a future? All my cousins are in uni studying science type subjects and compare to them I am nothing, my mum is upset and is shouting at me. What should I do, should I just end school and look for a job now? Btw I am 16. :-(:-(
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Ward Ward | 4 days ago
DON'T GIVE UP Yes the classes may be pointless but surely try your best to pass those classes. Bad grades = not good. Plus, think about it what else will you do with all that time? I know, probably getting yell at by your mom all day long. I think looking for a job is never a bad idea either. Crying + Negative attitude will get you nowhere. I think you just need to do the best that you can out of this classes. I'm pretty sure all of us had struggle with one class or another, and we just put up with it. For example I never liked history ever, but I always try to pass the class and just get it over with, and guess what! I passed all my history classes with a B because I did all my homework and try to study even though the desire to study wasn't there. Part of growing up is to learning to; how to put up with things that you don't like because things that you don't like will always come your way. When I do homework or my projects, I listen to music and it always makes it more enjoyable. you might wanna try this if you haven't yet :) Also, now that you learned what not to take make sure you avoid those classes next term. make sure to take classes that will benefit you for the future. If you are not sure about your future, then take the basic Math, Science, English, and History. Also something tells me, that your problem doesn't necessarily start with your classes. I think part of it is that, you don't like the classes because you don't have friends in those classes and you don't have lunch with them or simply... you don't have friends. If that is the case, you need to open up, people can't get to know you if you don't open up. I know for experience. don't be to self conscious. <- if this doesn't apply to you, you can just go head and ignore it/ forgive me for accusing you of being friendless... :)
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Ward Originally Answered: Why does school give out HOMEwork?
Homework serves two important purposes. One, it is a tool for explaining certain concepts that were not covered completely or at all in class. Secondly, it reinforces certain ideas, leading to practice. Naturally, some people really need homework to succeed and others (such as yourself) don't. The problem is that most homework is mandatory and not reflective of individual needs. It's unfair but it is life. As I write this I have 3 prelims coming up and need to read a total of maybe 600 pages in a week for college (procrastination is deadly, literally). There are a ton of problems in education but reform would be difficult especially considering homework has been the norm for god knows how long.

Russell Russell Think of it this way. In about 10 years from now (IF you did drop school), when all your friends, and family are all off in a better enviroment, doing the jobs they want, making money, and you're down in the dumbs, making minimum wage, or $12-14 dollars at the most while everyone is moving on with their lives. Stay in school, if you don't like the subjects, then talk to your counselors, switch majors, and get into what you do like to do
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Moses Moses
You're worried about your future which shows you have the fire to do something in life. Don't give up. You have got your whole life ahead of you. When you study there are many things that are gona distract you: TV, friends, family life, facebook etc. You have to find that one thing that motivates you in life. It could be anything. I am 16 as well and I finished school with good GCSE's. My dreams motivate me to study further at college. My dreams include being rich, having a good family, a good wife and even going to space. I don't tell anyone about my dreams. I just think about that everyday and I get good grades at school and college. Good luck.
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Kelvin Kelvin
If you try to study hard you wont feel like a loser. For me dont end school. Just study and you'll see the importance of studying subjects.
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Hewie Hewie
Yes. Give up school. Just kill yourself too because you have no future. You are a waste of space on this shitty earth.
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Honestly, and not to offend you, i really don't get poetry. I thought poetry was suppose to be deep and meaningful and something that really makes you think about things and just life. But i don't get this? I don't see how its funny or interesting. Thats just me, and i think if you like it and you want to read it. The assignment wasn't to find something other people like. Lol, goodluck with whatever the assignment is, though :]

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