Should I repeat the 9th grade?

Should I repeat the 9th grade? Topic: Should I repeat the 9th grade?
June 26, 2019 / By Stephanie
Question: I've missed many days (about 40) because of being lazy and not caring and I just think it's best to repeat the 9th grade. I didn't really learn anything, I've missed many tests, and I haven't done Homework for a while. Is it to late for me? Should I start now and see where it goes? I rather repeat it because I didn't learn anything and I really do not w1ant to go to summer school since I'm going to Dominican Republic this summer. I just wish I could go back to september and start over! =( What should I do?
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Quenby Quenby | 7 days ago
40 days is a lot to ALOT! Well, ask your guidance counselor if its possible to still pass 9th grade. If it is, try really hard, because theres only like 3 months left, and thats not too much trying. Is repeating the entire year worth going to the Dominican Republic?
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Quenby Originally Answered: Is it worst as an undergraduate to get a C in a class or fail it and repeat it for a better grade?
It is worse to fail because when you repeat the course, you still have to make up the gap for the previous attempt and also earn enough marks to pass the second attempt. Intentionally failing the class hurts your GPA more because an F is 0 grade points, but you still attempted the class. And, repeating it doesn't put your GPA ahead, more than getting a C. You are too wrapped around protecting your GPA, to the point where it sounds like you have a tunnel vision on it. It is making you oblivious to the true position that you will be in with the F and the extra amount of the gap that you have to make up with the repeat. You may think its protecting your cumulative GPA, but you are killing your semester GPA and forcing a future class to make up the lost points with an higher grade. When it comes down to your GPA, C always trumps F
Quenby Originally Answered: Is it worst as an undergraduate to get a C in a class or fail it and repeat it for a better grade?
I was attending every lecture for a class my second year, but I did not know the topics that I was assigned to look at for an essay. I dropped the class, and that's the only class I ever dropped. I have failed a couple of classes, but that was because I wanted to stick it out and see if I improved on the final. Yes, I would say GPA is more important. Just take the C and move on.

Meg Meg
Sorry but you ll have 2 go 2 D.R. another time........listen your a really smart kid dont let ur self down like that pprioritiescomes first then the fun if it was me id qo take 9th Grade all over aqain.
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Lavone Lavone
work really hard for the rest of the year stay after school and have your teachers work with you. prove to them you want to move on with your life if it does not work then repeat.
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Lavone Originally Answered: Chemical castration for repeat rapist?
Just because you castrate a sex offender, through chemicals or a knife, doesn't mean they can't still commit sex crimes. As a psychologist studying criminal behavior is something I've indulged in off and on for years. Based on my education I can say to you the drive that makes many sex offenders commit sex crimes has little to do with sexual gratification. Many sex offenders - especially pedophiles - commit their crimes out of a dysfunction in their brains. And by dysfunction I don't mean that it is something you can just pop a few pills to fix. No the dysfunction has to do with arousal - a purely mental thing. Some people develope arousal through certain fetishes (like feet for example) and such things are pretty harmless and generally legal. Others become aroused through control, having power over someone and humilating people. Some engage in BDSM, which if its concentual and doesn't involve minors, its legal. But for some this isn't enough. Its not about role playing its about true fear, humiliation and having power over someone. Usually because they themselves were once powerless and humiliated. In the case of serial rapists, the drive is not just to get off or to have sex, its to have power over someone and humiliate them. I've reviewed a few case studies where women who had already been been raped once were assaulted by another man and they just gave up. And this complacency so turned off the man, that he lost his drive and couldn't go through with the rape. This is because the man wanted to fight the woman, make her submit and humiliate her. But when he realized he couldn't do that, he lost interest. In one case a woman was attacked while walking home at night and when she just told him that she gave up and just wanted him to get it over with, he lost his arousal by the act. So much so that the guy actually appologized, walked the woman to her appartment and told her to be more careful in the future. In the case of many pedophiles the drive is feeling intimate, loved. Many pedophiles believe they have their victim's best interests. That they are "making love" or having a relationship. True pedophiles do not see touching children inappropriately as wrong. And in fact many think it is society who is wrong. Reality is this mental dysfunction in pedophiles often results from childhood abandonment and developing arousal to younger people at an early age - like between 9-12 years old. Point is castration of any kind doesn't solve the real route of the problem for most sex offenders. Its impossible to weed out those who commit their crimes through pure acts of lust (like date rape) vs. those who did what they did through a mental problem. That it is no measure to prevent sex offenders from still commiting crimes in the future. If it were up to me life in jail or the death penalty would be prefferable.

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