Should I take an online vet assistant course?

Should I take an online vet assistant course? Topic: Should I take an online vet assistant course?
July 16, 2019 / By Alf
Question: I'm an undergrad student at Boston University on the pre-veterinary track- obviously, I'm trying to get into vet school for grad. I have plenty of experience with animals but I need to gain formal veterinary clinic experience in order to even think about getting into vet school. But the problem is most internships/ externships require that you be a current vet student to even apply. And most jobs I've seen at vet clinics require a certificate (for vet assistants) or certification as a vet tech. I thought about possibly getting a vet assistant certificate online in order to get a job as a vet assistant and get experience in the field (and experience to put on my application). I know that there's no real opportunity for advancement (but I plan on going to vet school anyway)- most people are saying to invest in a vet tech degree but if I'm trying to be a vet, going to school for an additional two years to get a vet tech degree doesn't make sense- if I don't end up getting into any vet schools, being a vet tech would be my next option. So my question is this- should I invest the 600 bucks to get a vet assistant certificate in order to be more "qualified" to get a job at a vet clinic? I figure it'll hopefully be worth it- I'll be paid and I'll be able to get the veterinary clinic experience I need for vet school. But I need advice for professionals and people in the field.
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Best Answers: Should I take an online vet assistant course?

Tamika Tamika | 9 days ago
Personally, I have some reservations regarding an online vet assistant course...the reason is simple: this course cannot be fruitful for you unless you have vast practical experience. Is this a contact program where you get to attend some classes too? if not, how will this course help you apart from imparting the book-based skills? You have mentioned that you plan to gain a vet assistant certificate from this and mostly vet assistant profiles are offered to people who are very handy and well-versed with a vet's work. does this degree allow you develop such skills? if yes, go ahead, if not, you might want to search for a program that offers some kind of practical training too.
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Rhianna Rhianna
Online degrees and certificates should be handled with extreme care—especially with subjects that you are certain should mandate hands on experience to learn the proper skills to do your job, such as with nursing, engineering and of course vet tech programs. With that said, online school can be the answer that you are looking for to give you more options in the workforce, however it's highly important that you find a certification program that requires an in-person component. You should stay clear of those that are offered 100 percent online. Getting a certificate through an online vet tech program through your local community college is more than likely going to be your best bet and will hold the most value with employers and when applying for the big she-bang: veterinary school. If you local Community College does not offer an online vet tech certification program, then choose an online school. But contact an admission officer to see how the hands-on experience will be achieved (maybe they have contractual agreements with certain veterinary clinics so you can have supervised work-experience or maybe you have to seek you own). You also want to make sure that it is accredited (preferably regionally). For more info regarding online vet tech programs click here:
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Milisent Milisent
I dont know, I did the same thing except I am a RVT, I haven't worked in the field for about 10 years now, as now I have a degree in Finance, but at the time they didn't have on-line classes, I had to be in a class room, and I was a mom too, See if there is a National American University in your area, You may be able to attend night or evening classes, Another suggestion is try and volunteer at a animal emergency clinic, sometimes vets will allow you to come in and observe, and have a bit of hands on while you are going to school,
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