Should my mom be arrested for making a false?

Should my mom be arrested for making a false? Topic: Should my mom be arrested for making a false?
June 24, 2019 / By Angelica
Question: medical-claim? This isn't a lie at all: There have been times when my dad had my brother hold me down, so he could rip my shirt off, kick me and let me have it with his belt. and it was over stupid-stuff: like I took the bus to go to the bookstore to buy a study-guide. the other times was when I stayed up past 11.00 pm to study or I wouldn't get off my bed where I do homework. __ and now my brother is showing signs: like he pulled his girlfriends hair and bashed her head into the wall. He pushed me and her 20 feet across the room. He slugged her over a computer-chip. ___ Bottom line: Mom is trying to commit me to Mentally-Disabled Apartments to escape this situation. ___ Should my mom be arrested; and what the hell are we supposed to do? mom and I? (I'm 22 years old).
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Wilfrid Wilfrid | 10 days ago
Your 22 years old so you should leave this atmosphere along with your mother. If this abuse continues report it to the police department immediately. They cannot go off of information given from the past like " when I was 12 my dad did...", it has to be resent. Also, if your mother is strong enough she could testify and the both of you can get a restraining order and perhaps suggest anger management to the court for your dad and brother. If going to a Mentally-Disabled Apartment is the fastest way of escape then sure, go for it, but that is only temporary and needs to be resolved. I do not think she "should" be arrested however I don't know the rules about claiming disability for an apartment.
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Scottie Scottie
You should contact your department of social services (DSS), or the equivalent, and report this fraudulent claim. The government takes fraud very seriously. If you live at home, why don't you move out? You're 22 and legally an adult. You should call the police on your brother, too, if he is violent.
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Nebuchadrezzar Nebuchadrezzar
Start by calling the police. Yourself. You are an adult and can have your father arrested for physically assaulting you.
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