Should the voting age be lowered? Survey time :)?

Should the voting age be lowered? Survey time :)? Topic: Should the voting age be lowered? Survey time :)?
June 18, 2019 / By Angell
Question: (first off, sorry if you've seen this before! I need more responses - preferable 30 more by Friday) Hello everyone! I am doing a project for my class and would love a wide variety of input in regards to political knowledge across the country. If you could take the time to answer my survey I would love it! Thanks so much :D Oh, in case anyone was wondering - I'm doing a project advocating lowering the voting age. Going to crunch the numbers and see if teenagers perhaps know more about politics than adults do :) Thank you very much for your time!
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Willie Willie | 4 days ago
I am under age but I study government a lot and I know who I support and the reasons why, I know my opinions on political issues and I get into my families political battles (they're pretty epic) so I guess I know enough to vote. However my answer is no, I think even for myself i should have more experience and be living on my own first.
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Willie Originally Answered: Why should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to 18?
it shouldn't Look at statistics for drunk drivers and accidents /deaths in underage persons of ocurse thats not your essay but sorry I cant help you as it's not logical as spock would say sorry I cant not share my opinion when peoples lives close to me are lost due to underage drinking and driving Let other people be quiet while needless tragedies continue, not me

Sebastian Sebastian
NO! if anything it needs to be raised, but that wouldn't be right since people should be able to vote if they are able to fight for this country the law should be changed back to only allowing property owners to vote, for me that would have meant that I would not have been able to vote till I was 21 and I am fine with that *I live in So Cal, I bought a $530K house when I was still in college, it just goes to show that anyone who is responsible and who is willing to put in some work and save their money can buy a house, in the 7 years since I have bought 3 other houses, by owning property one has shown that they have at least some stake in what happens in the country
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Nehemiah Nehemiah
Sorry but the politics you know is the indoctrination you learn in school from liberal teachers. Perhaps I am wrong and you are incredibly smart, if so you have read the constitution. To modify the law will require a constitutional amendment. So if you are serious you need to start with the amendment process.
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Kiaran Kiaran
NO, because at under age 18 you have not really experienced real life yet, ie: jobs, bills, taxes taking care of yourself, nor does one so young understand these things, how could one so young understand if they live in parents home, parents support them and pay for everything? They really dont understand where the money is really comming from to pay for things they think government should pay for,
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Huey Huey
Absolutely not. Teens are students, with no real world experience, and too easily influenced by the political biases of their instructors. They are not mature or responsible enough to make a real educated decision.
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Huey Originally Answered: How does democracy work if most voters have no idea who they are really voting for?
Research shows the 70% of the time, the candidate with the most honest face wins - regardless of what they are running for.

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