Solar System Composition?

Solar System Composition? Topic: Solar System Composition?
June 26, 2019 / By Stella
Question: I need the seven objects that make up our solar system for my astronomy homework, however, every time I try to find the answer on google, I get more than seven, or only five, and the answers are totally different in each result that I get. Can anyone help me with this?
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Queen Queen | 3 days ago
The answer to this question really depends on you. Is this high school homework, college or possibly university? 99% of our solar solar system is all the hydrogen and helium and other elements that make up our sun. The other 1% is everything else. the planets, asteroids, etc.
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Queen Originally Answered: Science homework help please? *Solar System*?
1. Enceladus (and yes, Titan does too, the question is outdated in light of the new discovery of an atmosphere on Enceladus, links below if ya wanna tell your teacher) :-) 2. Io 3. Venus, Uranus (and also the dwarf planet Pluto) 4. Pluto 5. Hydrogen and Helium 6. gas and dust 7. Nebular Hypothesis states that our solar system was formed from the "solar nebula" (the cloud of dust and gas left over from the Sun's formation). 8. Planets, Moons, and asteroids
Queen Originally Answered: Science homework help please? *Solar System*?
1. Titan. That's also Saturn's largest moon, and the second largest in the solar system. 2. Io 3. Venus, Uranus 4. Pluto 5. Hydrogen and helium. 6. gas, dust 7. Nebular 8. planets, moons, asteroids.

Meadow Meadow
Unfortunately, there are several possible answers. For example, you might choose Sun terrestrial planets Gas giants Satellites of 2 and 3 Dwarf planets & asteroids Oort cloud objects Dust or you might combine the terrestrial and Jovian planets in one category, and split asteroids and dwarf planets into separate categories, and so on. Sorry - there really isn't an answer to your question.
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Lavena Lavena
Inner Solar System (Mercury-Mars, very few asteroids) Asteroid Belt (Ceres, many many asteroids) Middle Solar System (Jupiter-Neptune, asteroids, trojans, centaurs) Kuiper Belt (Pluto-Makemake, short period comets, centaurs) Scattered Disc (Eris, comets) Hills Cloud (Sedna, long period comets) Oort Cloud (Very long period comets)
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Lavena Originally Answered: Anyone who knows the Solar System I need your help? Basic Question Yet I Don't Know the Answer?
You need to remember the pneumonic device: My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. M (for My) =Mercury V (for Very) = Venus E (for Excellent) = Earth M (for Mother) = Mars J (for Just) = Jupiter S (for Served) = Saturn U (for Us) = Uranus N (for Nine) = Neptune P (for Pizza) = Plute (NO LONGER CONSIDERED A PLANET)

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