Spanish is stuck in my head!?

Spanish is stuck in my head!? Topic: Spanish is stuck in my head!?
June 26, 2019 / By Aladdin
Question: So i took an advanced Spanish 1 course (its advanced in the case that the students are taught words and verbs very quickly, and generally learn a lot more material. I also took AP English that year.) at my highschool last school year, (now its mid summer), and all bragging aside, I excelled in the course. I easily memorized vocabulary, verbs, their english translations, and present & past forms. Got an A on almost every single test/quiz and received an A in the course overall. However, since then, Spanish has... corrupted me? Idk if thats the word Im looking for. Basically, I keep myself awake at night, my brain just constantly thinking(saying?) random spanish phrases. I cant stop it. When people say things, I automatically determine in a matter of seconds whether or not It is to the extent of translation to my knowledge. If it is, my brain thinks the phrase. For example, someone says "Where did you go?" my brain thinks, 'Donde fuiste?" more: "why did you do that?" brain: "por que hiciste eso?" more: "He's a good guy." brain: "El es un buen hombre." HOW DO I STOP THIS? Its eating me alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, that was weird. I could completely understand "grannys" response. Oh, i forgot to mention, unlike some of the other students in my class, i was able to determine the translations of spanish words that we weren't taught yet using context and possible cognates. But to whoever said theyre crazy about spanish,.... im not too crazy about it. its just driving me crazy because Im naturally good at it. I dont find the language appealing. I LOVE english, It is an AWESOME language. That may be partially biased, but that doesn't matter.
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Suzy Suzy | 3 days ago
Your brain is trying to tell you something. "This is good stuff! I like it! Give me more!" Only when you feed your brain with more Spanish studies will it stop pestering you this way. Dile: "Eres un cerebro bien inteligente." Y dale más.
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SMack , punch, kick, throws chair at you and farts in your face. is that good enough? get to work kid!

Raymonda Raymonda
It is normal and really good, because it shows that you are habituating to the spanish language. I have the same "condition" but with the english. Sometimes I think something in english before than in spanish. It's a very good symptom and congratuations you are becoming in a spanish speaker.
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Meriwether Meriwether
You sound like my type of person! I'm obsessed with Spanish as well. I like to listen to hispanic radio stations and repeat everything they say/how they say it as if I were a broadcaster too. I think it's excellent you are always thinking in Spanish though.... Don't stop! As for not sleeping at night though, you should definitley read a calmimg book(I like spiritual topics or motivational books). Suerte!!
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Les Les
That's actually a good thing. It means you really took to the language, and you have the potential to someday become fluent in it. So my advice is to continue with your Spanish studies, continue thinking as much as you can in Spanish so that you'll meet your full potential.
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Jorie Jorie
There's probably no way to stop it, I was JUST like that when I started to get the hang of French. What I did was stop speaking English for a while, even thinking in English. I just spoke in French in my head and only in English when I needed to (this was the summer holidays though and I was sick for a while that year but whatever). But that didn't work because everything around me was in English so it was hard to keep thinking in French. Eventually it just stopped, but I found that keeping your brain too occupied to even think properly is the best way. Like when you're playing pacman or something and you lose and it says 'game over', you don't think 'oh what's that in (this language)', you think 'WTF' and just replay it. As for sleeping, you're kind of screwed. Like when a song is stuck in your head, unless you take pills for it or something, that song WILL play itself over and over and over in your head until your brain dies.
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i know it may be hard to admit you have these thoughts to your clinical therapist. however, you need to talk with her about it. the chemicals in your brain are most likely causing these feelings. You also need to open up to those close to you about it. they wont put you in a home or anything. your parents are there to support you, and if you cannot turn to them you have friends that can really help talking to you. Confidence is a big issue here and keeping on a proper dose of medication can really improve you situation. hang in there and stay strong. and if you ever FEEL YOU NEED TO ACT ON THEM...Then seriously, call a helpline, there are people 24/7 to assist you. Google the number it will pop right up

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