study skills help?

study skills help? Topic: study skills help?
June 26, 2019 / By Adalia
Question: hey yall. Uhmm right now my grades are much better than they were when our last report cards came out. Last report card I had 3 low D's almost F's and the rest were either low C's or low B's. Now i only have 2 C's and the rest are A's and B's ( I checked in with my teachers ). Do you all have any good study skills and homework habits that should help me bring my 2 C's up to B's
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Star Star | 6 days ago
I have ADHD and auditory processing disorders so I have always had to work harder than the average student to make good grades. In order for my tips to help you must be willing to work extremly hard. Here are some things that I do: 1. On nights you have a lot of homework, go to the library and do it there. Do not come home until you finish it. You will realize you will get more stuff done here and understand it better. There will be few distractions. Sit at a table by yourself where few people walk by. 2. Make flashcards for everything! This is the biggest help! even if you don't have time to study them. It still is a good tool to help you remember things as you write them down. Do not have music or a television on in the background. Also, if you do plan on studying them, highlight your flashcards. on the front use one color and on the back use a different color. Your brain learns better with color! (it's true!) 3. For subjects like Science and History... for each section in your chapter... make a outline. Don't wait until the day before the test.... do it day by day as u study it... make sure to add the vocabulary terms. Also underline key facts and hightlight the key words. You can also use this to study for the test if you dont lose it. 4. Right before going to bed, or right before going to that certain class... look/skim over your notes. it will make a difference and when the teachers ask questions will have a slight understanding of what she is talking about. 5. For math homework..... DO IT! actually DO IT. even if your teacher does not take it for a grade..... write your questions about the problem beside it if u get it wrong and ask your teacher when you are going over it!! 6. Get to know your teachers on a personal level. Let them you are trying harder and you will do whatever it takes to make a better grade and pass. Tell them the problems you are having in class, such as: I can't pay attention in the back of the seats, I don't have a lot of help from home, ect. and ask for any suggestions. BUT do not make excuses other than it being your own fault. If you do this, teachers will know you are trying and will be more willing to help you. Good luck. These help me. Im 17 jr. and I struggle a lot too, so I know where you are coming from. I also have one of the hardest schools in the state..... if not the hardest.
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Star Originally Answered: i need help with my study skills?
Just see how much time you have before a test and space your time. If you have a test in 2 weeks going over 10 chapters, then switch studying chapters every 2 days. That way, you will not feel rushed or exhausted the night before. Also, dont put video games or hanging with friends first. Do it after your homework and what not and you should do well.
Star Originally Answered: i need help with my study skills?
Study first, and then if you have time left over, you can do other stuff. Sorry, that's the only way to do it. Cramming is not a very efficient way to study, you've got to study pretty much every day, in every subject.

Prue Prue
That depends on how you learn best. I personally learn best by reviewing a lot. If the teacher has a powerpoint or something I write that down. Then I type it up on the computer. That helps me review it again. Then I read the chapter twice. The first time without my notes but the second time with my notes and I add my own thoughts in there. Then I type my pesronal thoughts in with the notes. It seems like a lot but I know the stuff inside and out. Also, try to find a way to apply what you are learning in your daily life.
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Mayra Mayra
study skills are necessary so the pupil can improve getting to be attentive to skills, that are necessary, if that guy or woman is to suceed in lifestyles. no one reported lifestyles is basic. each and every element in lifestyles takes a huge decision of artwork. One could desire to take the academic technique severe. you're able to be able to desire to appreciate together as "play time" is over and severe artwork could desire to be carried out. getting to be attentive to is a lifestyles-time pursuit. as quickly as you stop getting to be attentive to, you're ineffective.
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Mayra Originally Answered: How does a lifelong procrastinator gain study/time management skills in time to go to grad school?
You don't necessarily need to change 180. I would focus on your strengths and play those up. Human nature tends to procrastinate, but you may want to modify your study habits a bit. Doing a major paper or thesis the night before does not cut it. That involves breaking the project up into mini projects and going from there.

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