teenagers. what do you want to say to your parents?

teenagers. what do you want to say to your parents? Topic: teenagers. what do you want to say to your parents?
June 24, 2019 / By Unice
Question: okay, so in this age of 13-16. we have so much drama,friends,boyfriends,school,fashion,... etc.... and your parents always tell you to do this or that. just tell me what you wanna yell to your parents sometimes. haha. you all are funny sometimess..but i agree with you on everything
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Sariah Sariah | 8 days ago
I'm 16 Please get real mom. I'm no a six year old gurl anymore. I'm 16 for godsake n i noe wat i should do n wat i should not do. Juzz because you are my mom that doesn't mean that i should follow every damn thing that you ask me to do. I've got brains too. And you've got no rights to say that i would never do well in my studies coz you have never once checked my beg to see if i've done my homework or not, you have never come to my school to check my progress but the only thing you do is shout like a stupid mad useless dog whenever i dun do well. I luve you soooo much. It's not that i don't. But mom, sometimes you could be a pain in the ***.
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Sariah Originally Answered: teenagers?
I'm a teenager and i gain no responsibility at all. The only thing is School and homework after that we are pretty much free. Teenagers can vary, some are more mature than most adults..while others are immature. My fave leisure activity is hanging out with friends, playing video games, playing tennis/soccer. And just plain having fun. I hope my answer helped. Have a good day now!

Nora Nora
I have just turned 17 but would love to tell my parents to back off. Trust me coz I know what to do. I am not a little girl but not yet an adult. I will come to you when I need you. Don't think that you can run my life. I can do it my self
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Mabel Mabel
What I'd love to tell my mother is the reason we're losing our house is because the man she married is a lazy mooching bastard who needs to get off of his *** and contribute. Everything was better before he came and every single one of her children feel the same way. I'm 16.
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Kell Kell
GO TO HELL! I believe I'm in control of my own body so let me decide what I want to do. (Wow, what I just wrote sounds quite bad. Sounds like I want to do sex and drugs and stuff but I didn't mean to make it sound that way. I was mainly talking about my hopes and dreams.)
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Irma Irma
It's not who's right, it's whats right. Godammit sometimes i just wanna say that to my mom's face, but if i did, all hell will break loose..lol.
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Elfa Elfa
haha i shout at my mom all the time but its ok really we always feel better after but when i shout i usually just say i hate you lolllll
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Cheryl Cheryl
Go to Hell !!! I know it better than you, you are just old and stupid, you know nothing about me and my life! (well I´m not a teenager anymore, but I remember it really well :-)
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Cheryl Originally Answered: Teenagers: what have you done? Do you agree?
What have i done- Hardcore drugs.... partied had sex before marriage and ended up getting pregnant on my first time now im 13 weeks pregnant and im a junior and im 16 yrs old. Do i agree? of course not, Now i have to take responsibility for being totally stoned and having sex. i guess no more being a teenager. so i don't agree with any of my foolish partying and junk. and no i do not want my daughter or son to ever ever ever do any of this. good question bye the way.

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