Teens: Anything upsetting you right now?

Teens: Anything upsetting you right now? Topic: Teens: Anything upsetting you right now?
June 18, 2019 / By Aiyana
Question: I'm sort of sad. My parents wanted to take me to Six Flags this weekend, but my sister cant go so they asked me to ask friends if they wanted to go, so I did and one friend just gave me a no because she's going to her dad's house this weekend. All she ever does over there is sit in his apartment all day because he works all day, and my other friend didn't even ask her parents because she was afraid they'd say no. UGH. I want to go because they have this fright fest thing where all the water rides is died red for blood & zombies walk & moan around and chase you at night, but Sunday is the last day and no one goes to Six Flags alone. :( I asked my cousin if he wanted to go, but he might be working. UGH. Why does everyone have jobs or are afraid to ask their parents things. I mean we have season passes & we haven't went since purchasing them, so they're pretty much just being wasted. I'm just so annoyed because besides those 2 friends, I really have no others that I would feel comfortable spending all day at 6 Flags with. I'm legitally upset BQ: Any homework? -My freaking Spanish teacher wants us to create 2 webpages with links & all that jazz, due tomorrow! He wants one in English & another in Spanish! I also have a chemistry test & I have no idea how to do chemistry & I don't want to go to the football games tomorrow because I cant play the new music. BQ: Anything great happen to you lately? Can I be happy for you because I'm just pissed off right now.
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Tranter Tranter | 1 day ago
All of my friends have better grades than me and know what they want to do with their life. It's partly my fault because I cut school a lot in the past month, but I haven't cut in over a week and now I'm focusing on doing well. I still feel really bad about it though, because I feel like such a loser for failing such an easy class. (Environmental science, boring as hell but easy) I just haven't gone. I have all my science credits to graduate and I don't need this class anyway. No more cutting school to smoke pot! :) I'm focusing on my grades now. BQ- I have to text code a news article for an English class. A couple of pages in a packet for government and that's about it! BQ- Ehhhh, not really. I'm waiting for something exciting to happen.
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Tranter Originally Answered: Teens: What's going on?
LOL. Honestly I started cracking up because that was the most random video I have ever seen. *applauds* BQ: A lot. I was sick for 2 days :|

Reece Reece
Awe sorry about the 6 flags thing... I got a season pass for christmas last year and 2013s almost over I've never even used it.. seems my family always goes when I dont feel good or I'm busy. Also about your friend and her dad it's basically the same with me and my dad, but I still always go see him because hes my dad and I dont get to see him all the time, even if its boring at his house. Maybe your friend feels the same way about her dad. I'm a little upset (more annoyed really though lol) because the person who was giving me my meds can't give them to me anymore, so now I have to figure out a way to get insurance because I dont have the cash to pay for the prescription. My school counselor told me to go to human services and try to sign up for insurance, but I tried that in July and I just ended up in a dead end. I HATE going to human services it's so crowded and loud and I have to wait like and hour just to see somebody, and then they don't ever know what to do with me. My situation is a little rare lol... 16 / no insurance / mental illness / mom won't do anything about it. It sucks... BQ: I haven't been to school all year. I can't attend because of my conditions and again, no insurance to see doctor and get doctors note to excuse me from school. Apparently my mom is gonna help me sign up for online school this weekend. BQ: I finally got a bus pass today. I've been waiting forever for it, I hate walking everywhere. Also when I saw my dad today, he actually acted nice to me, usually he doesn't show any emotion at all.
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Maverick Maverick
Not now, no. However, a few hours ago my dogs escaped and ran away. Thank God they were taken to the pound so my mom could get them out (luckily they stuck together. They love each other too much to leave each other :D). BQ: Some. Not gonna do any until tomorrow at least (I have tomorrow off. Staff Development day :D). BQ: Other than my dogs coming home, tomorrow is the official release day of Batman: Arkham Origins :)
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Jock Jock
We have made cookies for a Halloween party tomorrow, but the icing just won't f*cking dry and keeps dripping everywhere. We're buying better stuff tomorrow and we'll need to hurry to get it done in time, something I'm not looking forward to. Also, I need to cram in some math problems due tomorrow and my mind just can't DO math right now. But that's about it, thankfully. I'm not dead. BQ: ^^ BQ2: I found this blue silk shirt from China in a resale shop that was on sale for $5 (I know, can't believe it either) - it also happened to fit me, so I snatched up that puppy faster than a starving piranha. I originally went there to buy a costume for the party, and that was done - but hey, I still deserve a treat out of it.
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Gregory Gregory
that sucks! i would totally come if you asked me because i have NEVER been there before.. but i also dont even live in america haha :P the red water sounds awesome! your friend should really just ask her parents. it's always going to be a no if she doesnt ask in the first place! do you have any other friends that you can ask? BQ no homework for me because i finished school :) BQ yes actually, dont get too jealous when i tell you haha.. my dad has trucks that carry cold food to supermarkets and if the truck breaks down, the food has to get thrown out (what a waste). anyway, a truck carrying CHOCOLATE broke down and now i have $700 worth of chocolate at my house! and im not even exaggerating at all honestly! there was $3000 or more of chocolate thrown out :(
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Gregory Originally Answered: Teens: What do you want to be when you grow up?
I'm currently a first year Med School student and really wanted to be a trauma surgeon, but I nearly failed an important exam and realized I was not as good as I thought I would be :/ I'm considering starting Law School in September in order to become a lawyer. I wanted to become a lawyer from 10 to 14 years old, and then I switched to doctor.

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