Terry's Word Riddle of the Day-Yesterdays answer was "Pilgrims' Pride."?

Terry's Word Riddle of the Day-Yesterdays answer was "Pilgrims' Pride."? Topic: Terry's Word Riddle of the Day-Yesterdays answer was "Pilgrims' Pride."?
June 18, 2019 / By Adria
Question: When I was a young'un my Dad would take me to cattle auctions. Once, while I was wandering around, I found a monarch's issue out back of the arena. Dad was inside because he wanted to buy a Bull. When I went and showed him what I had found he had me take it up to the auctioners, so it could be returned to its owner. This has to be the easiest one I've posted, yet. In my wild youth I traveled a lot. Twice, when I passed through Paris, I tried to seduce a young woman on the Eiffel Tower. In my doddering age of today I link the occaisons to the name of an American city so I won't forget them. The answer was Cincinatti in that twice a seduction was attempted--2 sins. Cin Cin Atti = at E= at Eiffel tower I'll give an early clue: The answer is a book title. Also, remember, you can add an answer to your present answer using your edit button. A book read round the world. If you think you have one clue in the text look for the other. The clues I give in details are additive to the meaning of the clues in the text. One more hint...because I really want someone to get this one. One is textually below the other. I'm going to be a bit creative now. We didn't use to do this. If I give you a thumbs up, you're getting close to at least one clue.......but I can't prevent others from giving thumbs up so be careful. I've posted a full explanation as another question, titled, Terry's word riddle of the day--explanation. Monarch's Issue buy a Bull I really want some on to have a light bulb moment. Say "buy a bull" three times fast.
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Terrell Terrell | 8 days ago
In your additional details you said it was a book read around the world.Is the book for this question or your last one which was Pilgrims Pride?. Is your meaning of Monarchs royalty.or butterflies? A monarchs issue could be his/her child. All the Kings Men? ....God I'm working on 3 hours sleep here.I know it ,I just can't see it. A Lion in Winter? ..no.hmmm if it wasn't 9:15 i would take a nap. Your driving me crazy!.....Was the book written around the same time as Pilgrims Pride?...OK I see I was on the wrong road.will try and get back to you if i don't go crazy..lol....light bulb fading fast.Going to call it a night...check back in the morning...or maybe in the middle of the night if it keeps me awake.... Viable?.....THE "BIBLE "Is that it? The King James issue?....I coulden't sleep it kept bothering me...
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Pip Pip
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Mahali Mahali
Was there only one auctioner? Never done this type of riddle, looked at your others too, can ya explain what you are suppose to do to get the answer, without there being a quetion posed, I am unsure???????? Used to think I was pretty darn smart on riddles, but you just proved me wrong, I gotta walk away from this PC!!!! You are a smart man, you oughtta be in politics!!!
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Jehovah Jehovah
I have no clue what a "monarch's issue" would be. King/ queen's something??? ---EDIT--- In looking at other's answers (specifically gable), I've determined the answer is "GAVEL". Look at the second entry in my source.
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Jehovah Originally Answered: Riddle!? 10 points!?
1st: Light the match 2nd: Use the High Lighter to write a threatening message no matter how broken the high-lighter is, on somebodies homework and then staple the homework then tie the ribbon around the staple and tie it to the Teddy Bear! Stack the half Corn Dog and the Tortillas up! Hit the wall as hard as you can with the flower pot then use the two vacuums and hit the wall as hard as you can again, which should make a big enough hole in the wall, take the chocolate bar and eat it to reward your success as you run away! Or you just stop imagining!

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