The best of the classical section?

The best of the classical section? Topic: The best of the classical section?
June 26, 2019 / By Stacy
Question: So many artists these days have an album out entitled "The Best of ____". If we were to compile a list of the best questions and answers that the classical section has seen, which questions and answers would you include? These can be questions/answers that were thought-provoking, informative, creative, controversial, eventful (I'm thinking of our dear little troll here!), or just plain funny! Let's reminisce, shall we? Provide a link if you'd like, or just tell us about it. I saw something similar in the B&A one time, and thought it would be fun to ask this here. It's the history of the classical section! One more quick question, how long have you been participating on this section of Yahoo? Dangerous waters? I don't want to upset or bother anyone. Sorry if my question does provoke some people. No! The thought of stealing other people's writing never crossed my mind! I'm sorry to upset so many people! I just thought it would be fun. Should I delete the question?
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Prudence Prudence | 6 days ago
OK... this may take awhile. The first that comes to mind is actually not a question in the classical section, but it involes Schumiszt. Switchs answer was absolutely hilarious!;... And Hafwens answer to this one:;... Alberichs question:;... This question:;_ylt=AksTRdxR7BFt0qDYhm33wUPty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090426035247AA3DzP4&show=7#profile-info-PS0oSoXFaa and this one:;_ylt=AksTRdxR7BFt0qDYhm33wUPty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090426001750AAyiLME&show=7#profile-info-70jNDiIiaa (I have to admit this is one of my more intelligent answers... Such "insight" when I wrote: "the whole idea of Cherubino is that he is a youth "coming to terms with love," although we don't call it that anymore.... :P" and I adore the question too!) Such witty answers in this one!:;_ylt=AtpIvsX6PIokaI7zKXFBmmjty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090425004111AAVubcQ&show=7#profile-info-X3bPlp5faa I still havent gotten over Hafwen referring to the bassoon as a farting bedpost. Although the conductor in orchestra (a bassoonist) got pretty angry when "I" referred to it as such... Hafwens passion for double reed instruments is inspiring!;_ylt=AkCp8mVO70owNKAKW5bB8s3ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090421003726AASe6RC&show=7#profile-info-JWOzKQ6aaa Yes I left it in the bathroom....;_ylt=Ar.uQGs3iquiXLYe.b7Fq2nty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090419112037AANbVhe&show=7#profile-info-CjPtAEzmaa The Toscannini quote is adore-a-bubble "God tells me how the music should sound, and you stand in the way" Thanks for sharing that one Alberich! NIce one schumiszt;_ylt=An8OvzVrFY09q0NmE0s2ujPty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090411185317AAtIj8q&show=7#profile-info-PS0oSoXFaa Jack Herring looks like his instrument when he smiles (hehe piano teeth... I get it!) Yes... lots of things annoy me. (The Duchess' question on what ticks you off) come on it says "Frankly my dear, I dont give a damn." and it has a Wozzeck quote!;_ylt=AksTRdxR7BFt0qDYhm33wUPty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090315131118AAvuoWx&show=7#profile-info-jbAr62ybaa Thats all for now!
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Prudence Originally Answered: Good Classical Music?
Bach: Air on a G string Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik Beethoven: Moonlight sonata Beethoven: emperor concerto Chopin: Nocturne in E flat major Massenet: Meditation Liszt: Consolation No. 3 hope these are enough to get start with. They are mostly Adagio, so good for relaxing.

Mayme Mayme
Oh my god you like Dinosaur Jr! you're formally superb! :D style new vivid Eyes The Honorary call Coconut records Band Of Horses Her area holiday extraordinarily ladies Make Graves Vampire Weekend Dashboard Confessional Elvis Costello Eagles Of death steel Albert Hammond Jr Playradioplay Lydia The temper capture The Whitest Boy Alive Whitley Saves The Day Metallica Smashing Pumpkins Ace Enders Andrew chicken The treatment Jack's Manequine Whitley Ace Enders Bjork She & Him faith not greater Iron and Wine New got here upon Glory Des Miller Album Leaf All-Time Quarterback we are Scientists Tegan and Sara Spoon teeth and Tounge Peter Bjorn & John independent Milk inn Pearl Jam the midsection East The paper Chase hobby Pit Jose Gonzalez As Tall As Lions Paul Dempsy The PIxies Scott Mathews The Shins snoozing finally enable's pass crusing The carry stable The upward push up young little ones Chromeo Bon Iver Cat potential Bluebottle Kiss Ben Folds 46Bliss The Weepies Soko The Smiths Rooney Sarah Blasko The Postal provider death Cab For Cutie Nada Surf, Atreyu the alluring ladies Muse Matt and Kim Kimya Dawson Fleet Foxes warm Water track he's Legend The format British India Cotton count number Ben Kweller Neil youthful Coco Rosie The Boy Least probably to Cassett young little ones 2 Gallants Jamison Parker Hellogoodbye Blur Black rebel motorbike club Blackchords Belle And Sebastion Billy Corgan warm warm warmth The Perishers Sufjan Stevens Interpol Janes addiction something For Kate Adrienne Peirce U2 Angels and Airwaves The Black Keys The Rocket summer season Arcitecture in Helsinki Bat For Lashes Ivy Beck Radiohead Bullet For My Vallentine 3 Days Grace Franz Ferdinand Taking back Sunday Maximo Park Nikola sarcervic upward push against Dinosaur Jr Coheed & Cambria decrease off Your palms Yves Klien Blue Philidelphia Grand Jury city and colour Alexisonfire Lisa Mitchell British India Canvas kites Cass McCombo sprint and could Drop city committed Few Hungry young little ones of Hungary Florence And The gadget Jeremy Larson Kaiser Chiefs Kasabian Lanka Lightspeed Champion Little Birdy woman of light Sneaky Weasel Gang Sonic youthful human beings Soundgarden ...just to call some. yet, deep down, classical track will consistently be my fave.
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Laurencia Laurencia
I have been coming here since October 2006, apparently. I can't remember many of the interesting questions I have seen there, I'm afraid, but something I will ALWAYS remember a wonderful sentence stated by Glinzek or Bearcat (I can't remember which, sorry to both of them): "Never underestimate the public's passion for mediocrity." I have since quoted that sentence often. It is profound, witty and, above all, regrettably true.
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Jinny Jinny
No, don't delete the question. Some here tend to be a little full of themselves sometimes. I do not keep track of all of the questions and answers, so I do not have anything to contribute here however, I thank MissLimLam for sharing some of her favorites. It's good to laugh.
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Fredda Fredda
I think this particular question by Suhwahaksaeng, including the answers, deserves a permanent place in the "album".;...
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Fredda Originally Answered: Classical music that helps someone focus on homework?
If you find "regular" music distracting, classical music will distract you too. The idea that classical music, particularly Mozart, will help people become more focused, smarter, creative, etc. is really been proved to be more of a marketing tool for record companies. I love classical music, and I am particularly fond of Mozart, but if there is anything I need to concentrate on, I find that no noise at all--musical or otherwise--helps me to focus best. The exception is if I'm doing anything like drawing, sewing,etc. then classical music seems to help my creative processes. Then again, I find it helpful to have the television on--so it's not the music that helps after all.

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