The Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall of China? Topic: The Great Wall of China?
June 18, 2019 / By Aila
Question: In our school, I have to write a report about Great Wall of China, and I don't have enough information about Qin, Ming, Han dynasties, How was it built, and How long, or how is it looks like. I found some similar questions, but they all were just one -two sentences answer, but i would like to have depth answer. can you write 10-20 lines just for these things? Thanks.
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Tobiah Tobiah | 1 day ago
i won't do your homework, you can do what i did. in the web search bar at the top of yahoo answers page you are on right now, type in great wall of china you'll get what you need and you might learn something. i did.
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Randolf Randolf
chum, as an Indian i like extremely is a ask your self too.little question approximately it. yet while a assessment between the great wall of China and Tajmahal is obtainable in, we would desire to contemplate the place the great wall of China replaced into outfitted,while outfitted, what materials have been there, what proportion labored for what proportion hundreds of years, the size of the wall, the present degree of this kind of awesome wall with such dimensuions...all. as quickly as we evaluate , Taj is outfitted the place the materials are close to comparison to the great Wall, it seems incredibly small, little question it incredibly is an innovative ask your self and a marvellous artwork in marble. yet interior the given subject, in my opinion i think of the great WALL OF CHINA is my ordinary. in case you're in a well-being facility, I pray to lord to heal you quickly and make you undemanding.desire you very very early restoration.God Bless you.
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Martie Martie
It wasn't built in one section but too many emperors to complete or rather add onto it. It spans to the Gobi the materials change on it according to the environment so you will see sandstone/clay in west and granite in the east. Its about 3 stories high on average 5+ at the gates. Its wide enough on top to fit a Hummer. It hugs the terrain so it has many stairs in hilly regions like in Beijing. A good deal of it now has deteriorated. Its hard to find in the west since the materials used were not as solid as in the east.
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Jesimiel Jesimiel
type in your search browser, "great wall of china." after it brings up lots of answers, click on pictures. then you can see what you are looking for. i was told it took three hundred years to build, and it wasn´t to keep the Chinese in, it was to keep other people out of china. i do not know this for sure, i never looked it up, i was never interested. but that is just me. hope this helps.
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Glen Glen
What is wrong with your school? Why are you writing a report about CHINA?! What a waste of time! Just ask your family to sue your teacher.
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