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The Woman in Black, Help? Topic: The Woman in Black, Help?
June 27, 2019 / By Abijah
Question: I need to write a descriptive essay on Eel Marsh House. The essay is based on that "you have been asked to design a ghost walk for Eel Marsh House. You need to persuade people that it is the most terrifying, yet exciting trip that they will ever go on." I have no clue how to start this! Any ideas?
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Sunny Sunny | 2 days ago
hello, The Woman in Black is a gothic novel written by Susan Hill. The characters in the novel mature and grow throughout the story mentally and emotionally. Reading about the characters the audience becomes aware of the text’s issues. The issues in the text are supported by the protagonist Arthur Kipps growth and the antagonist Jennet Humfyre. Two issues in the text include: The fight against good and evil and Revenge. Arthur Kipps is the main character. He goes through the most changes emotionally and mentally... You can find more info, here:
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Parris Parris
You start on the creaky porch on a cold night and then enter the house, candles are lit but nobodys there. You hear noises upstairs but nobodys home. I hope this helps.
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Lonnie Lonnie
You could use some humor. Play the sarcastic tour guide who's trying to cover things up and eventually can't anymore.
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