Tips for falling asleep faster?

Tips for falling asleep faster? Topic: Tips for falling asleep faster?
June 24, 2019 / By Amaliya
Question: I've been struggling with insomnia for awhile and I know it's because I'm a busy body, always thinking about what I have to do tomorrow. I've been reading tips about how to calm the brain down before bed and some of these tips include not surfing the internet, not watching T.V., reading, taking a bath, etc. Would homework problems be a good idea or not? They are monotonous and not what I'd call "stimulating", but are they any more stimulating to the mind than reading a novel before bed?
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Walker Walker | 7 days ago
what is the most stimulating or relaxing depends on the individual. You could try to take a melatonin supplement an hour before bed or some gaba.
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Walker Originally Answered: who to stop from falling asleep in class?
Well, first, if your having something terribly sugary or high in carbohydrates before then, its probably your blood sugar plummeting. To help, ask your teacher if you're allowed to have a small snack, something thats not a candy bar or anything because that will just cause a sugar high and another crash. Try something like quaker bites [strawberry and rasberry are good!], fruit/veggies, peanut butter crackers, just something that wont have your energy shoot up and right back down again.

Rube Rube
i did that for a year after a bad break up look up hops on wikipedia. Put some in a bag and keep it by your pillow drink cammomile tea surfing the internet or doing your homework won't make a difference if you are thinking too much anywya. It could even distract you from what you are really thinking?
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Morrissey Morrissey
Good question..playing music or listening to music could be one. I know that applies to me when I find a song i can play lol. Apparently one tip to help with it is to tell yourself, nope, not time to worry (set a time), or tell yourself I'll think about it in the morning. Apparently it helps some people. I always think about stuff tomorrow or worry when i shouldn't..usually takes me an hour before I can wind down enough to fall asleep.
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Keith Keith
I lay down and daydream before going to bed. Doing homework just keeps me awake. You need something that will calm your mind before going to bed, not work it.
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Henrye Henrye
Maybe, give it a shot and tell us how it turns out. I know I fall asleep doing my homework sometimes.
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Henrye Originally Answered: im scared of falling asleep in college?
Yeah, dude...those 3 hour classes can be a royal pain. Believe me. What I do sometimes is if the class is not crowded and you can get by unnoticed, do work for other classes in that class. Like, finish up on some homework, do a little studying, etc. Just make sure you don't get caught lol Or if you have black earphones you can run it under your shirt (to minimize visibility) and stick it in one of your ears , and listen at a low volume. Also, bring a cop of coffee. It does help.

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