Tips for getting all A's in the seventh grade?

Tips for getting all A's in the seventh grade? Topic: Tips for getting all A's in the seventh grade?
June 26, 2019 / By Adrian
Question: I am usually a B and occasional C student. I messed around way too much in sixth and I need to get all A's starting this fall. Any tips or advice that can help me? I'm very social and need to set my focus better. I figured it would be better to start.
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Stormie Stormie | 2 days ago
Do your homework the day you get it. Study every night. Go to your teacher as soon as you don't understand something, and this includes asking at lunch times and after school if you don't understand after the lesson has finished. Be organized. Don't miss any days of school. Put studying before messing around with friends. Study first and play later, reward yourself for your work. Participate in class.
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Stormie Originally Answered: Tips for seventh grade.?
mechanical pencils youre a big girl now. And it works the best I've found to use one or more multi subject college ruled notebooks made of HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC (# of subjects and # of notebooks depends on the spread of your classes and ease of access to your locker). And btw you don't BRING lockers they are INSTALLED in the school haha. Also bring an ipod cuz its gonna get boring trust me I'm a senior about to graduate High School. Thats about all you need uther than that just follow your syllabusses
Stormie Originally Answered: Tips for seventh grade.?
Ill begin by means of pronouncing being "fashionable" is thoroughly puffed up and also you relatively do not need something to fear approximately, individuals are imply however now not like they're on television. You is probably not penalized for dressed in none clothier manufacturers or having your hair in a pony tail. You do nevertheless have got to attempt to get dressed and appear your first-class. During the institution yr differ matters up. Wearing the identical forms of garments or footwear or hair variety and even bag is uninteresting. Try searching at more than one retail outlets, however do not spend cash that you simply or your mum and dad do not need. Try one of a kind hair patterns and do not put on the identical hair variety in every week. straighten your hair, curl it, put on it part up, pony tails, braids, down evidently, a pump, waves, crimp exactly one of a kind matters. Depending on if in case you have lockers our you place the whole lot for your backpack however take a look at at least one time every week utilizing an extra bag. Whether or not it's a handbag rather of a backpack or simply switching tote luggage. The key's get dressed in a different way every day and whilst I say this I imply do not be afraid to put on a skirt as soon as and a even as, or heels (in case your allowed) and even might be a lovely vest. But do not pass loopy, do not purchase matters that you do not like or aren't relatively your variety. Hope that support :)

Rachael Rachael
i have the same problem. well wat i do is if i get set next 2 a freind i ask the teacher 2 move me. that way i will be less talkitive. then i keep my eyes on the teacher or the board until the bell rings. when u get ur homework that is the first thing 2 do at home. and if u know there is a test comeing study as hard as u can. if u dont understand something in class u need 2 ask questions. teachers think that if u ask questions, ur paying attention. if u have a reputation of being talkitive at school, try being a quiet person this year. if u do all of the above, u'll do fine and u'll get A's. good luck! :D
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Melany Melany
don't miss a single day of school, unless you have a realllly good reason, like a death in your family do your homework as soon as it is assigned, instead of at the last minute, teachers can always tell the difference participate in class, at least act like you are paying more attention to the teacher than you are to your classmates, the view out the window, or your own face in a compact mirror... teachers like it when they think you are paying attention don't be openly rude to the teacher, or in front of the teacher, you would be surprised how much your attitude will affect your grade try to become involved in school sponsored activities, but don't overdo it, like band, sports, or the student council, teachers appreciate a good citizen good luck
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Melany Originally Answered: 7th grade tips please?!?
Seventh grade is so different. I'm going to high school now. If there would be one thing regret in seventh grade was being so shy. I'm naturally shy and I was going to a new school. There are different people. So definitely open up a bit! If you're anything like me, you will knock English, reading, spelling, and history out the park! Those were the easiest subjects. Math isn't really the easiest subject. Usually the odd numbered grades you learn a lot of new stuff, so definitely be prepared for lots of division and multiplication and don't slack! But it all depends on the teacher. Science was a little harder, but only cause our teacher gave us tons of homework, tests, and projects. The best study method is definitely index cards. In Science you will need to know lots of definitions. As for clothes..we wear uniforms. But if y'all don't, I don't suggest you to go to school looking too flashy or too trashy. Dress comfy. In seventh grade girls hardly wear makeup, so don't go all out. Lipgloss, eyeliner, mascara, and occasionally eyeshadow. Try to look natural on the makeup. So remember, don't be shy, study hard (index cards), and dress comfortable.

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