Tips for high school?

Tips for high school? Topic: Tips for high school?
June 24, 2019 / By Aimery
Question: Im going to be a freshman and Im so scared and nerves and I'm afraid that I wont make new friends. So my questions is what do I need for high school, best style tips, how I should do my hair the first day of school, and tips on making it on my first year of high school thanks =)
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Suzette Suzette | 1 day ago
Okay I just wanted to say first of all that girls that do sports aren't rude at all(: Okay Anyways Just breather for a sec hun(: I know you're super excited I was like you last year!! Okay well for first day outfit heres some ideas Just be comfortable and my suggestion is don't look all cute and stuff in the first day because everyone will be looking for their classes that they won't even notice so for the second day of school that's when you dress up cute(: Also keep in mind what stuff looks good on you. For example is there a shirt you look amazing in? Well wear that because it acts as a security blanket because your comfortable and you know you look good in it(: Here are some cute ideas for hair(: for supplies(: English-a binder prolly about 1in , get 3 dividers with pockets and label them handouts, homework retuned work and keep a good amount of college ruled paper(: Science-A one subject notebook with a lot of pages(: Math- A binder about 1 1/2 with paper(: History/Geography- a one subject notebook Language- A folder(: Also make sure to buy pens-black&blue ink only higlighters- atleast a 4 color pack A School planner Pencils FRIENDSHIP MAKING(:!!!! Okay well a simple way is to just talk to someone(: For example when you sit by a girl or something compliment them on something whether it be their bag, hair, or outfit. This is a simple conversation starter(: expect a bigger WORKLOAD. - oh lord. especially if you're going to a really good high school, & you're used to not even bothering to study and getting straight A's, you might want to start changing habits NOW. ♥ expect your teachers to want a bit more from you, expect to put in THAT much more effort. it's a pretty tough transition, let me tell you. if you're used to coming home & finishing homework in twenty minutes, think again. but here's how to deal. - WORK. the only way to deal with work is to actually do it! so if your teacher gives you an assignment, finish it! if you have a test the next day, study! keep organized && DON'T procrastinate. (upcoming tip on procrastination). avoid bad study habits, and always take advntage of opportunities, like extra credit or extra help. sorry, this sounds like a lot, but no pity for you here. high school is great, but it comes with work, too. just don't slack off, please, because colleges really do care. ♥ BOYS:All the older boys will mostly likely just date a freshman because they are easy. YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL.Seriously Know your limits and Just know that you don't have to do sexual stuff cuz it can give you a reputation and 98% you will regret it. Juniors and Seniors are the worst they will just use you to see how far you will go. And if you're in an uncomfortable situation leave. Because no one should have to deal with that. I know from personal experience. Yeah the song 15 by Taylor Swift yeah It ALL TRUE. Guys will tell you they love you when they don't. Just please be careful girls I don't any of you to get hurt like I did and regret it all. (of course, might i add that not all guys are like that, and some are really honest, loving people who do care about you (; ♥). Okay now I'll tell you my freshman story(: Sooo I was super excited for the first day. As soon as I got to school I was so nervous there was so many new faces and I felt like there was a spotlight on me. I couldn't help but smile as I walked to my classes until that is I got lost my 3rd period(I have to go off campus for it) So i saw this random guy who was a hick and I asked him where the class was and turned out he was going there tooo yaaay(: And the rest of the day was awesome I met a few new people and everyone was so nice especially the teachers(: My one thing of advice is have fun this year because it goes by fast(:
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Suzette Originally Answered: Any High School Tips?
Freshman year first day tips by me: NERVOUS: For one, it's very normal to be nervous. I can promise you that you won't be the only one. From experience, when months pass by and it's the last week of school, you'll want to know why you were scared to begin with. It's only new adjustments that's all. CLASSES: Choose them wisely, don't go for honors or AP if you know you can't handle it. Go for an elective that you enjoy. FRIENDS: You will meet new friends and by doing that you have to: Be yourself, Come out of your shell, and Get involved (meaning that you should join clubs or sports so that you could meet new people from all grade levels). On the first day, you can always say hi to the person sitting next to you and start up a quick conversation before the teacher begins. Once the teacher begins the class goes on quiet mode. SLEEP: To get some sleep; Just try and shut down your brain. Don't worry about how the next day will turn out. . . trust me it will get there. Just listen to yourself breathing and in no time you'll be asleep. Or think about the downsides like homework, projects, essays and teachers who don't know when to stop talking. FIRST DAY warnings: You'll run into a lot of quiet, loud, mature, immature, nice and mean people. If anyone verbally attacks you as a freshman, just S H A K E it off. Remember that they are nobody or lets just say NOTHING. LUNCH: Lunch can be very overcrowded, but all you need to do it find a friend; whether it's someone you just met or someone from last year, then ask if you can join them. If your aware that a close friend or an acquaintance might have your lunch then plan ahead and ask if you can sit with them on the first day. -There is also a large variety of foods to choose from. WHAT TO BRING TO CLASS ON FIRST DAY: Folder - for all the syllabuses, rules, guidelines, & supply lists that your teacher passes out Pencil - Just in case your asked to do a small activity that involves writing Paper - Again for the small activity Locker items - If your locker was already given out to you then it's best to bring your lock & throughout the week you can bring your locker items. --And any girl/boy accessories that you may need. (ipod, phones, makeup, brushes, etc.) DON'T FORGET: Focus on your grades, try to balance everything out academically and socially. Be yourself. Don't give in to peer pressure. Stay out of drama and hang with the right crowd. Do NOT procrastinate. Study for those exams and tests Show school spirit!

Ravenna Ravenna
Aw, I remember my first day of high school. It's normal to be scared hun! I was also afraid that I wouldn't make friends but I made plentyyyy! People in high school are usually nice. Now there are also plenty of bitches but just stay away from them. Remember, allll the other freshmen also wanna make friends! And I know sophomores and juniors and sometimes seniors will have no problem becoming friends with a freshman. My best tip is to not become a slut. I see all these girls who were so innocent in middle school and they became the biggest sluts! It's so sad to see them think that they have to be sluts in order to be liked. So stay away from that path! I agree with the person above, don't carry a huge backpack haha. Maybe you should buy a big tote bag from Hollister or American Eagle. You could wear some skinny jeans, a nice top, and flats or sandals! You should definitely straighten your hair :) Don't be shy! Remember that everyone is nervous and wants to make friends to don't miss out that opportunity! Yeah you'll get lost but teachers will help you get around!
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Merilyn Merilyn
Awwww, memories. I just graduated high school and I'm going to be a freshman in college. Now that's scary. :( I thought at first I'd know nobody, but then realized a few familiar faces. By the end of high school I became close with almost everyone. Be open, a lot of people will be just as afraid as you are. Some might be more closed off, so just smile and say "You look nice today" or "I hope this teacher is cool." I think you should keep it simple with the hair, straightened. :)
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Leonore Leonore
im gonna be a senior and my tip for you is to be yourself. thats the only way you'll truely enjoy high school. don't worry every freshmen is in the same position as you so you will meet new friends.
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Jordon Jordon
Don't be shy. Don't be a super nerd. Don't have a GIGANTIC backpack with you all the time. Be friendly, smile a lot, don't get in too much trouble.
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Jordon Originally Answered: Any tips for high school?
hi I am almost finished with my freshman year and I have a few tips(: 1) It's best to know where your classes are before school starts. this will obviously keep you from getting lost or being late on your first day (although most classes will let freshmen and new students in a few minutes late for about the first week) 2) Get on your teachers' good sides and STAY ON THEM! I know that backtalking and making fun of your teachers is fun now, but remember, they are grading you on classroom behavior too (plus being on their good sides and paying attention in class will probably make them grade you easier rather than believing that you haven't been paying attention and don't know the material) 3) Make sure you get enoigh sleep (at least 7 hours). If it is difficult to do that, keep some form of sugar in your backpack...that way if you start to feel sleepy (which you will) you can recharge. Falling asleep in class contradicts tip #2. 4) DO NOT CUT CLASS! All of your classes are important (even electives) and missing a class gives you extra homework and a not so good understanding of that day's lesson. 5) NO DRUGS!! obvious reasons...trouble with the law, lacking schoolwork, etc. It is 100% possible to avoid peer pressure (I have, and I get straight A's and have a TON of friends--even the ones who caused the pressure in the first place...being a goody two shoes is NOT being a nerd, it's being smart...I cannot emphasize that enough!!) 6) No matter how bad things seem with your friends/relationships, just remember, it's are not gonna find your soulmate or your best friend for life in highschool...that's what college and adulthood are for. 7) Don't be afraid to go to adults for help. If you're struggling in a class or getting bullied, the help from an adult will be sooooo benefitial. You can do it confidentially or privately too if that makes you feel more comfortable. Don't expect that you will figure out a solution on your own because that might not always be the case. I hope these help, and I hope your highschool life is fun and successful(:

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