Tips on how to get good grades?

Tips on how to get good grades? Topic: Tips on how to get good grades?
June 24, 2019 / By Alana
Question: I'm 13, going into 8th grade. In 7th grade, I bombed the year. I spent to much time on the computer. Anyway, I need some tips on how to get good grades. I really wanna improve for high school. Tips for homework, projects, anything please. Thank you! :D Jake
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Travers Travers | 2 days ago
OMG! I just finished 8th grade and the first half of the year was just a disaster. I usually get straight A's! So I slacked off and went on the computer and got terrible grades. Second semester I got straight A's! How? This is really important! At least for me- get new school supplies. If you have nice, new, and colorful pens and binders it just makes it so much more fun to learn. Get binders! I would get either 2 or 3 binders depending on how much papers you usually keep. 1 for the first 3 classes and 1 for the last 3 (I take 6 classes) 1. Get divider tabs- they help you get organized and you always know where every paper is! 2. Put a pencil pouch in the binder with a few pencils pens and highlighters. 3. keep a notebook or lined paper for notes. *******GET A PLANNER****** it helps you stay organized with hw and projects. -Don't fool around in class and listen -Every chance you have to do work in class, use. It saves time at home by a Lott!! Cuz you have no distractions. -when you get home, eat something, then RIGHT AWAY do your homework. I recommend you do it in order from 1-6 period hw. It take a lot less time if u do hw right after school because you don't get stuck with the computer. You can pretty much forget about time and at 8 o'clock remember to do your hw. That's what happened to me. ---- if u do that hw will only take 1-3 hour and you'll have the rest of the day for the computer or friends! -spend ten minutes a day studying for each class -sleep 8 hours a day at least. It helps. A lot. For projects, if u have 2 weeks, take a day to plan things out, a day to buy supplies (if needed) and everyday do a little part of the project! DO NOT procrastinated until the last day or last 2 days, it puts too much pressure, your result won't be great and you'll be nervous for ur presentation cuz u pretty much just did whatever on the project. That's pretty much all I have. Hope I helped!! Good luck(:
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Travers Originally Answered: tips for keeping good grades in highschool?
First off, actually pay attention in class and take good notes! Even if you don't take good notes, at least pay attention and try to retain it. And don't think because the teacher doesn't say to take notes that you don't have to. They think you're old enough to be taking notes on your own, so write down everything they say! High school teachers tend to just start their lectures and people don't take notes, then comes a quiz and everyone bombs it because they didn't take any notes to study from. If you miss any of your classes, get notes from a trustworthy person, like the person who has the highest grade in class or someone you know is a stickler for writing down careful and neat notes. They will definitely help you. Also, don't forget that whenever you're absent to talk to your teacher when you come back about whatever you missed in class. Lots of kids I knew didn't get the grades they want because they thought, if I'm absent, I don't have to do the classwork. See, they only focused on the homework that they were brought down because they missed the classwork. If the classwork can't be made up, then ask for an alternative assignment. Depending on the teacher, and you'll find out which teachers once you start school, you can always ask them if there are extra credit things you can do. In Spanish, I always had a 105 or about that because I always did extra credit in that class. :) And yes, that kind of grade is possible. Most of all thought, STUDY! And study a lot! Some study methods I do that are helpful is rereading over the chapter and my notes or even rewriting them on flashcards to study at school. It definitely helps to rewrite or at least reread your notes because as you go over them again, you retain them better. Also, just try not to miss too much school. Some of the kids who are failing tend to be kids who miss a lot of school days. EDIT: Oh, and even if you really well on tests, don't slack off on homework. Homework actually does help your grade A LOT even if it's only like 5% or 10%. I sucked at science and always got C's and D's on the tests but did all my homework and was able to maintain a B average in the class.
Travers Originally Answered: tips for keeping good grades in highschool?
I agree with the first answer, pay attention in class! If you pay attention and take good notes, you won't even need to study. The key is to actually think while the teacher's talking - think about the implications, the significance, why it's interesting (even if it's really not... think about why someone else might find it interesting). Writing stuff down helps me to remember, so I always take notes even if I don't plan on actually reviewing them :) Some classes I actually do have to study for, though. Like history and Latin. If I didn't study for those classes, I would be so screwed. My favorite technique is flashcards, haha. I'm such a little kid at heart, I always have to be doing something interactive. Like if I'm just looking over notes or re-reading the textbook, I'll get really distracted. The good thing about flashcards is that you hold them and move them around and stuff, and the tactility keeps you focused. Or it keeps me focused, at least. It's also a good idea to take notes while reading the textbook. It's kinda time-consuming and not very fun, so not many people do it regularly... but honestly, reading a textbook without taking notes doesn't help me at all. I figure, if I'm going to go to the trouble of reading the textbook, I might as well go all-out and annotate it. The classes at my school tend to be more lecture/discussion than textbook-based, which is why I say "go to the trouble of" haha. I feel like the person who answered above me probably goes to a really easy grade inflating school... I don't suggest sleeping through every class :P

Reed Reed
First thing u should do is get ur mind in study mode, when u get home from school get a snack then start on ur homework. Try to spend at least 30 min going over the stuff u learned at school that day. Do that everyday. If u have a test on Friday study that whole week for it. Like 30 min at a time. Try to get all the studying and homework out the way before u get on the computer. Don't go to bed at 2 in the morn if u have school or test the next day. if u need help with homework stop after school and ask the teacher to explain it. Hope it helped!
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Max Max
What I do is- Delete my facebook and things etc. (you dont have to delete it just don't go on.) Do your homework right away when you get home. Study for quiz and tests(using index cards are good)
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Max Originally Answered: How can I get really good grades?
to get the certificate, you need to start working full steam. if this is something you truly desire more than anything, you will try your hardest and do whatever nessecary. in classes where you need to identify things, dont just read around the bold print, read the whole section and include all details possible. TRY in class. participate and put in your 2 cents whenever possible. If you really really want one, that is all the motivation you need.

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