Top essential things to buy before going to college (university)?

Top essential things to buy before going to college (university)? Topic: Top essential things to buy before going to college (university)?
June 18, 2019 / By Affton
Question: I'm going to Cal State LA this fall... I already have a laptop. (& I know textbooks are crucial). What other things may a student need? I might get laid-off my job by the end of this summer so I'm planning to buy everything I need before that happens.
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Thornton Thornton | 3 days ago
Walk through your day tomorrow and note everything that you use, even the small things that you may not think that you'll need. If you are close to that school or are driving there you can just take all of the things that you already have with you. I found that having a small refrigerator was a big help when I lived in the dorms. Otherwise (unless you have a kitchen in your dorm) you'll have to walk somewhere just to get a glass of tea or pop. Plenty of paper/notebooks and pens. Make sure you have an umbrella and general weather things, a flashlight is good in case of a power outage. OTC medicine for pain and cold/cough/soar throat are good to have on hand. You may need to bring a lamp with you, a lot of schools do not provide desk lamps, which are nice when you are studying at night, especially with a roommate. Laundry supplies are a necessity as well. That's all I can think of for now besides the basics like bedding and shower stuff.
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Thornton Originally Answered: Tell me something about college or university?
College is actually kind of easier than High School. (Depending on the school), teachers don't really care too much if you skip, there's no homework, only a couple papers and/or exams a semester. But in a way, it's a bad thing because if you screw up on one thing, it can affect your grade so much. The teachers are also a lot cooler in ways. Just make sure they know who you are, especially in big classes where there's 100s of kids in one class. Ask for help whenever you need it, talk to them, suck up a little, etc. Sucking up in college is NOT a bad thing! It makes you look much more sociable and mature and they're more likely to be easier on you when grading. The first week is always a little nerve-wracking, but just stick it out and you'll fit right in. You'll be fine!!! Good uck!!!!

Quinlan Quinlan
your school should have a list of all the stuff you should bring, be sure to check that out it will have everything from bathroom supplies to bedding and lighting on it so you dont forget anything. you might want to save up about $100 before the summer ends because no matter how well prepared you are there is going to be something you see someone else has or that you forgot to bring and your going to need to get. bring alot of comfort items from home too like pics and posters and stuff. dont get school supplies until you actually start your classes because you will waste money on things you dont need. it helps to create a list of items that you already have that you need to bring too like bedding/lighting/clothes etc.
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Manasseh Manasseh
it actual relies upon at this sort of the college you will, and what forms of events you prefer to do. At my alma mater, UC Davis, all you relatively mandatory have been denims, shorts, and shirts, besides as jackets and such for the wintry climate. interior the summertime I wore shorts, turn flops, and tanks tops, because of the fact it quite is flipping warm there. somewhat some women wore sweats. Sorority women wore khaki pants lots. it is extraordinarily lots all i mandatory. in specific situations i might see women donning pumps to classification, yet I (and maximum individuals) in no way did because of the fact i think of I walked an well-known of a mile according to day going between training. I in simple terms wore mushy shoes. Sweat pants have been quite nicely-known (you recognize, those that say some thing around the butt). events: in case you prefer to do intramural activities or in simple terms exercising consultation, you choose some exercising consultation outfits. in case you prefer to pass clubbing, you will choose clubwear. in case you're single and choose as much as now, you may very own some intense-high quality clothing for that. and of course you additionally could make extra clothing, via mixing and matching. in simple terms placed on a acceptable with a distinctive backside, and you have a clean outfit. undergo in recommendations that the time-honored student does not have 1000's or maybe 1000's of dollars to spend on clothing. no person cares in case you set on an identical outfit two times. college is extraordinarily informal, no could agonize approximately development a great cloth cabinet.
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Jeremiah Jeremiah
Extra shower stuff (especially shampoo and conditioner; it's amazing how fast they run out!), shower shoes (cheap flip flops are great), any other personal hygiene stuff you use, notebooks, pens and pencils, little things to de-stress you (I took play-doh and a coloring book for when I needed a quick study break). You'll think of other things as you get into the year that you specifically need; those are just a few ideas. :)
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Jeremiah Originally Answered: Will I be able to get in to a good college/university?
You need to get involved with social activities that allow you to demonstrate leadership skills. Be an officer in at least two organizations even if you have to start your own. Good universities look for clues you will be a future leader. Volunteering for socially aware activities, aka community service, such as in a hospital or old folks home is also helpful. Sports is OK but not as important. These are all in addition to your SAT scores that you MUST do well on. Take the SAT at least twice. Being slightly autistic is actually a plus. Have any other disabilities? If you are a minority that will help you too. Apply to at least 10 universities, you might not get into UCLA but you will probably get into a good school. Oh, and learn the difference between "to" and "too". It looks bad on your application if you use "to" in place of "too" as you did in your post. If you live in California you might want to also apply to UCSD, Davis, Berkeley, Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo) - my son graduated from there in computer science, and Stanford. Also apply to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Tufts, Brown. Move! You don't have any time to lose.

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