Topic for Economics College Term Paper?

Topic for Economics College Term Paper? Topic: Topic for Economics College Term Paper?
June 18, 2019 / By Asia
Question: Im in Microeconomics in College and have to write a 10 page term paper on a person who has contributed to Economics. Any ideas besides Adam Smith or Karl Marx?
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Zuph Zuph | 9 days ago
John Nash for his contribution to game theory (A Beautiful Mind is about on him) Grameen Bank and Mohammed Yunus, they won the Nobel PEACE prize for a simple economic idea in 2006.
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Zuph Originally Answered: What Economic + Biology topic should I write my term paper about?
In biology, there is an optimum range for everything: - not enough water, you die; too much water you die - not enough oxygen, you die; too much oxygen you die - too hot, you die; too cold you die But economists don't seem believe there is an optimum range for any of their variables. They'd love to see economic growth continue forever and their models claim it can; improve productivity by a factor of 2? go for it. Why this fundamental disconnect and what are its implications? Or, for something completely different, the economics of biological defensive mechanisms: it cost a rose to grow thorns, toads to secrete poisons on their skin, tortoises to grow shells, etc. What are the economics of these defense meachanisms?
Zuph Originally Answered: What Economic + Biology topic should I write my term paper about?
There are some interesting ideas previously posted, but if I were to have the same assignment I'd start with whichever subject I already knew the most about and look for connections from there. For me, Gregory Bateson's books STEPS TO AN ECOLOGY OF MIND and MIND AND NATURE covered both physics and biology in a way that I could follow. His primary theme in both books was how to look for patterns that connect. You should have no trouble getting at least 15 pages of inspiration from either book and their bibliographies. I especially liked the way Bateson linked the 2nd law of thermodynamics, entropy, and evolution.

Solly Solly
here are a few thoughts: Globalization Leading to China and India to consume more, causing skyrockting prices for energy and foods . . . create a supply/demand discussion around that causing a slow down on innovation - macro meets micro You can discuss how ecnomic gains for a country like China forces their govt practices into the spotlight - i.e. economics affects how countries manage their politicial policy and vice versa . . . Tie in the Butterfly Effect theory (butterfly in the amazon causes torndao in illinois) . . . to how the 90s IT outsourcing to India from America sped up globalization and can now account for why food/gas is so expensive The US pushed hard for NAFTA, which then caused the creation/strength of the EU. Now the euro is killing the dollar, also due to us economic policies. Globalization is great for the world but not for America in the long run - its cheaper to do anything outside the states. Now that other countries are getting richer, the US is no longer the international destination. poverty breeds corruption. capitalism breeds competition - China cant be communist much longer. Dubai is more culturally relaxed. Even Russia is becoming more 'fun' then it was in the 80s and 90s.
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Osbert Osbert
President Jimmy Carter, There is a book by Carl Bivens, Phd. Jimmy Carter's Economy: Policy in an Age of Limits
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Osbert Originally Answered: I have to write a research paper that is college level? I need a topic related to music?
Science and music? Sounds like a challenge. You could research the ways that music and brain wave patterns have affects on eachother-although that may be overdone. You can also do a compare/contrast essay on two different kinds of music or eras of music. Good luck.

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