Topics to write about for homework?

Topics to write about for homework? Topic: Topics to write about for homework?
June 27, 2019 / By Amber
Question: For class, we are in the process of writing feature articles. I do not know what do write about. Give me ideas please? Preferably a topic where I can easily contact someone to interview. [Whether it may be a common topic where I can easily ask friends or family about, or a topic where I can easily email a professional or someone to interview who will respond.] My topic *was* going to be on the Dyatlov Pass incident [look it up if you don't know what it is. It's interesting.], but there was no one who I could have thought to interview. TLDR ; I want a topic that is startling/interesting, that draws both genders in, preferably an incident, and I can easily find someone to interview about it.
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Wally Wally | 10 days ago
You can write about 1. Obama Care (A.K.A health care); interview your parents and what they think about it and how it has an impact on them; interview someone at your high school in student government 2. Abortion; Interview someone at your high school who is expecting (if there is one); email someone at an abortion clinic and ask if you can set up an interview with them. 3. Obesity; Read that startling statics and how it is a HUGE problem in America. Interview someone at the local gym or a nutritionists or a trainer and get their thoughts on this major problem. Blessings
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How about: what really happened to the Roman emperors Gordian III and Valerian? What, if anything, might've been done to avert or mitigate the third century crises? Was christianity a significant factor in the fall of the western empire?

Rudy Rudy
Topic: Glass Ceiling for women in light of the AstraZeneca Scandal
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Morton Morton
Finding and choosing the right creative writing topics can be challenging. Before we can write we need to have something to write about. There is a big difference between “having to say something and having something to say.” So how do we go about finding the right topics? I would recommend reading through the hints and tips on picking the right essay topics at . The advice is practical, easy to use and something that you will refer back to time and again.
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Kell Kell
Write approximately wellbeing bearing on eating undesirable. speedy nutrition ---> human beings consume too plenty undesirable selections --> human beings ignore to maintain themselves with healthful snacks data of harm ---> What speedy nutrition does that folk dont comprehend approximately Or, Write approximately Economics matters click on the hyperlink that I even have provided and it will take you to an internet site crammed with counsel on distinctive matters.
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Kell Originally Answered: A Persuasive Essay, I need Topics To write about?
only because i have executed a persuasive essay on Vegetarian vs. Meateaters i imagine this is a good one to bypass with because there are distinctive information accessible which could both tutor vegetarianism is the more desirable effective nutritional determination, or that ingesting meat is more desirable beneficiary (I went with vegetarianism). the 2d one would also be a sensible determination to position in writing about, or a minimum of i imagine that it will be exciting to position in writing about. good success on your essay (:

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