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Question: Pesticides are chemicals used to kill harmful insects. Describe sine advantages and disadvantages to pesticide use. In a paragraph PLEASE. It is an easy 10pts i mean i was just trying to give some good points but whatever
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Zia Zia | 3 days ago
No we are NOT writing your essay. Research it here: EDIT: "i mean i was just trying to give some good points but whatever" -- Get real. You wanted us to do your homework. And for those thumbs down -- thanks! I welcome them because it means that I got in a jab at kids cheating on their homework.
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Zia Originally Answered: Why are people so rude on Yahoo answers?
There are some people who are mean and rude when answering. It is too bad they use here to show how ill-mannered they are. It may be cultural where they come from or just a lack of social graces and being rude is how they are naturally. Best pay no attention to them but when insulting or name calling just report them. Being rude is not acceptable here. No one deserves insulting rude or mean answers. The guidelines say ""Be courteous. Yahoo Answers is a diverse community of people with diverse opinions. It is up to each one of us to be polite and treat each other with respect." Yahoo also says, We want you to •share what you know •be courteous •be a good citizen •cite your sources •ask clearly, categorize correctly But please don't •vent, rant or use hate speech •chat or otherwise violate the question-and-answer format •be mean or obscene •exploit the community •cheat •violate the law •behave maliciously or harmfully •misuse Answers
Zia Originally Answered: Why are people so rude on Yahoo answers?
Not all people are rude. But the ones that are, are cowards . When it comes to homework I try and help as much as possible. Sometimes not helping is the best. I won't give you the answer but give you tne means to finding the answer. Some perceive your being lazy by asking, thinking you want them to do your homework. I say if you are asking your working. Try and Google up the answer , you won't get any rude answer from Google .

Slade Slade
Hmmm.. good question.Some advantages for killing pesticides with the chemicals... 1. The chemical is designed for that certain pesticide. 2. Easy use, to spray on or pour on. 3. Fast and has a higher chance of actually getting rid of the pesticide. Some disadvantages... 1. Sometimes the pesticides can become immune to the chemical. 2. The chemical might not be approved by the AFDA, making the crops or whatever not safe for humans to eat or use. 3. DANGEROUS! lol hope I kinda helped. :D
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Ormonde Ormonde This site will give you everything you need just as if someone wrote it for you. you will really like the way the answer is laid out here. Try to write it in your own words.
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The valedictorian in my high school for the class of 2010 made it into Stanford University at the expense of his social life. He admits that if he could turn back the clock, he would take up on so many of those offers to go out and just have fun with his friends. What you need to do here is find common-ground to step on with your other peers. I have to admit, in my elementary school years, I was the girl in the corner who stayed quiet and didn't talk to anyone. Everything was really strange to me and for a girl my age, I was deprived of a lot of things the typical kid had access to. Eventually, financial problems in my family got a lot better and though we haven't recovered completely, a lot of doors opened up for me. Now we have the internet and pretty much the basic forms of entertainment that a lot of other families in the community share. After that, it's like something amazing happened. Indulging myself more in the activities that kids my age were so used to doing, it was a lot easier to go and talk to others about what was going on in life. For starters, you could always talk to your peers about homework. You could ask for help or complain if your teacher gives you too much homework. That's usually a great conversation starter and eventually, things escalate to the point where you can casually and comfortably talk about things outside of the school curriculum because honestly, no one can talk to someone who only talks about school all the time. Since that's pretty much the major thing you and other students share as of right now, school is the best first step to getting involved with your other classmates. Keep talking to them, ask them for homework help, rant about strict teachers, talk about random gossip and rumors that happen to make their way through the hallway. For now, that's all you can do. Think about what you really like to do. After it moves on from the point of only talking about school, share them and you might find that you have a lot of common interests with them. After a while, when kids grow up without knowing someone for so long, when they see them, it can get kind of awkward which could explain why your old friends weren't so giddy about coming up and saying hello to you. My cousin and I used to be best buddies but after puberty hit, there was a weird tension. Then again, it could be because we were of the opposite gender but there was the main factor of not seeing each other in so many years. We weren't quite sure how the other would react and if the other was the same we left them as. What people fear is change. People are scared to see others after so long because they're scared that they're not the same, that they've changed for the worse.

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