Ugly Stik Fishing Pole/Reel Combo?

Ugly Stik Fishing Pole/Reel Combo? Topic: Ugly Stik Fishing Pole/Reel Combo?
June 18, 2019 / By Amelia
Question: I'm planning on buying a fishing pole soon, but I'm new at fishing. Thinking of getting one of the Ugly Stiks. I was wondering which one was a better deal and if they were worth the money. If not, what other brands do you recommend? I'm probably not going to spend over $40 on my first fishing pole. Personally, I would rather shop at specialty shops but I'm still in school and cannot afford to. If you do not like the Ugly Stiks, can I have your reasons why not. Also, the Ugly Stiks come with a 7-year warranty and a free standard-sized tackle bag.
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Walter Walter | 2 days ago
Not wantin' ta' spend over 40 bucks and what with your bein' new ta' fishin' ~ you'll be fine with the Ugly Stik. Been fishin' longer than a' lot of Answer's ppl have been around and to this day do not understand the down play of the Ugly Stik?? For the price, quality and just the fact that Shakespeare has been around for a lonnng time, I mean come on!? I've got a regular arsenal of rods/reels and I'm talkin' the best brand names, that the MS's will have nothin' ta' do with ~ swears by them/her US's (she knows bout' fishin'!!!) ;)...Shakespeare has made improvements to their US rod with the "Lite Series" ~ lil' more monie$ (not that much) but well worth it. As for the better deal, might give thought in payin' a' visit ta' Walmart and see first hand what they've got on their shelves, sides that you'd be savin' the $'s on the S&H. Also, might suggest a Spincast reel for just startin' out ~ easier learnin' how to cast em". Have provided 2 links, one be for the spincast type riggin' and the other for just bout' everything regardin' fishin' that the beginner should know ie., the different type rods and reels, lines, castin', baits, lures, freshwater fish species, etc., etc.. Hope that this helps ya' out and good luck ; ) ... < ' ( (( > < Personal note: I personally do not shop/patronize "Wally World" aka Walmart because of their monopolization over the privately owned Bait & Tackle Shops ~ far as that goes, any and all other business's butttt, that be just me ;)... Spincast (picked this one at random): Fundamentals of Fishing:
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Russ Russ
i dont know how people can blame the line snaps and reel brakes on the ugly stick...the line brakes becuase you dont know how to figh the fish...the reel brakes because you dont know how to take care of it...i have over six ugly sticks ranging from 5'6" to 12'...they dont have any problems...ive used them for fresh and salt water fishing with out a fisrt three where from walmart.....ive used the 6'6" for striper all the to use it for crappie and trout all the way to 15lb stripers without a current favorite is the 9 foot mh ugly stick....pulled in a 22lb striper last week...and ive used it to pull in a 38" leopard shark last month....its all on how you use it and take care of it...i like the ugly sticks...its cheap on price but better than most 150 to 300 poles....especially from bass pro....
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Mose Mose
i got that same ugly stick from wal-mart...and do not get it, i caught a 10lb carp..the line broke...the fiberglass of the rod at the top started to tear from the bend and the metal bottom line holder broke off of the rod, go to cabelas or bass pro shops, im sure they have good quality combos at a good price.
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Kelly Kelly
then buy a rod mate. Because I was told by a world class angler that if you use a reel, you use a rods to hold it and poles are an expression for Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn
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Heron Heron
I would tell you to spend about $60.00 and get you a good one. But if you only want to spend 40 i would say to get you this Combo at Bass Pro. And get the 38-951-002-00 or the 38-951-006-00 If you need any help getting the right baits for what you are fishing i am always here to help anyone just ask. i have used just about everything on the market Saltwater and Freshwater
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