Umm. is there something seriously wrong with me?

Umm. is there something seriously wrong with me? Topic: Umm. is there something seriously wrong with me?
June 18, 2019 / By Abbye
Question: I have just turned 14 and have Asperger's syndrome, just to give some background information. I have random laughing fits, and laugh at the wrong time as well (like when a girl I knew told me her father had raped her when she was 2). I keep on thinking I am hearing my name, to the point where I find I ignore people who actually say my name but this only happens when there is background noise. I sometimes think I see things, just for a second, then they are gone. My friends say I have mood swings, but I don't believe them. I was suicidal when I was 12, but never actually had the guts to do it so it never got treated. Recently, when I was in bed, I heard a noise in my head (I can't really describe it, it was kinda like a horror movie type noise that went from mid pitched and quiet to high pitched and very loud really quickly, and it only lasted for about 1-2 seconds) that was so sudden and loud (and scary) that it made me jump really badly, like someone had electrocuted me, and my heart rate went really high. I am really impulsive (which isn't an aspie trait at all) and have scissor fights with my friend and things like that. I sometimes hear stuff that is only in my head (including voices, but, although they where speaking english, I couldn't understand what they where saying). Is this just going to go away like my depression did, and I am not getting help. Is is something bad? And I sometimes (like this morning) get really anxious and nervous for no reason. And I sometimes feel like everyone can hear my thoughts (but I don't actually think this is the case, but it still makes me hide so nobody can read them). no, this noise would have woken up everyone in the house, it was really loud and I don't see how it could have come from an animal. The bad thing is I never got any support as I was only diagnosed recently. My parents got me assesed for Dyspraxia, hearing impairments and Dyslexia, but managed to mis ASD. Bunny - i'm scared now, because I can never speak to anyone about this.
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Stephanas Stephanas | 9 days ago
Impulsiveness is certainly a 'trait' of aspergers and often gets the sufferer in 'dire trouble!' But what is not a part of Aspergers (as far as my studies anyway) is the noise and voices you hear. I am afraid you may be suffering from either TWO different illnesses or syndromes or you have been mis-diagnosed. WHY ARE YOU NOT BEING TREATED???????????????? You were 'concerned' ENOUGH to post this question so be concerned enough to GET GOOD HELP. I emphasize GOOD help because 'not everyone in the medical profession IS GOOD.' A bad therapist or doctor can do you more harm than good! ASK hospitals and ask for the name of the 'best psychiatrist' they have. Call clinics, won't take too many calls until ONE NAME likely will come up more than once! CALL FOR AN IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT. are in 'trouble.' HOW SERIOUS it is depends on your willingness to GET HELP and FOLLOW the recommendations of those who study 'your type' of problems. MOST people with problems like this get into trouble mostly when they DO NOT TAKE MEDS...or follow their therapists guidelines! SO...its your life to MAKE IT or BREAK your own choices no matter WHAT IS wrong with you. There IS HELP FOR YOU....BUT YOU MUST GET IT. Blessings and a GOOD JOURNEY to you! Bunny7
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Stephanas Originally Answered: am i in the wrong with my mom?
First of all, no, I don't think you're overreacting, especially since you TRIED to address the issue directly with her and she refused. Did you feel she was specifically annoyed by something liberal you said/did, or was that more just background info? To me she sounds like maybe she was having some problem generally and maxed out, so you and everybody else seemed annoying to her-- did she snap at any other family members or grocery store checkers or anything? Some people are really terrible at filtering when they're upset, and maybe it had little to do with you, and you were just the target of the moment. Unfortunate. OR in terms of disorganization, I also wonder if she has some mom guilt about "not raising you right" and teaching you to clean up or be on time or whatever she perceives as a fault. I'm the oldest of 4 girls, and often felt like my mom beamed her guilt onto us, feeling ashamed when my sister dyed her hair or one of us didn't go to church, anything like that. I've had many conversations with her about how we are SEPARATE individuals and that she doesn't have to agree with what I do, but I would ask that she respect it. When I was in college and finally off their health insurance and had paid back a small loan I had borrowed, it was so freeing to not be connected to my folks in terms of them needing to feel responsible for me. (I'm 35 now, 3 young girls of my own... and I would say relatively speaking I've always had an ok relationship with my mom, but it's certainly better since I'm an adult and we have some distance. She still disapproves of some of my choices, though! :)) It sounds like you're doing the right thing in terms of being away at school and doing your best to live up to your own responsibilities and priorities-- so it may just be that you'll have to get used to "never being good enough" and allow that to be just Mom's problem instead of it becoming your own and trying to prove anything to her. I'd write her a letter, honestly, saying many of the same things you just said above, and that you love her and miss her and hope that now as you get older you can still find ways to be together and enjoy each other's company EVEN if one of you is a liberal slob and the other a conservative neatnik, or however you want to word it, :)! Be loving, not defensive, but stand your ground. Because when it comes right down to it, you need to deal with your own messiness or your own mistakes, and you'll learn from them... and she needs to please allow you to do that. Mom-daughter relationships are just plain challenging. Find some other girls to vent with- bet many in the dorm are having the same things going on, :). Good luck to you, and hang in there. It gets better later, usually! :)

Paden Paden
OMG! You're describing my existence...I rather do not believe there is anything unsuitable with you. You identical to to have a tradition that's unique than what such a lot individuals could don't forget 'ordinary". Then once more you wish to do a little matters which might be regarded "ordinary", however you uncover it tough to manipulate to do them, since such a lot individuals cannot "hold up" along with your tradition I wager.. I believe it is best that in the course of your existence you probably did what you loved to do and you were not a follower.. I additionally realise how tough it ought to were so that you can be picked on whilst you had been little.. But in the event you appear at your existence in a extra "optimistic" manner, you'll be able to see that in spite of the disorders you could have had, you are an clever, proficient character, you are already in institution and you have set the bottom for a best and good revered existence in years yet to come.Also, you sound slightly introvert, however judging type your textual content above, you have had a social existence, additionally relationships with ladies every so often and many others. Maybe the concern is that you've got turn out to be "peers" with the unsuitable individuals. But of path there are different individuals who could love to hang around with you and be your peers. Maybe you simply must check out slightly more difficult to uncover and system the ones individuals. I certainly do not believe there is anything unsuitable with you. Actually, the way in which you defined your existence on this textual content makes me RESPECT you..
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Leyton Leyton
As has already been expressed, it would be in your best interest. If it hasn't already been carried out, to be tested and assessed by a qualified medical practitioner, e.g. a psychiatrist, a psychologist or similar qualified practitioner, because at the young age that you have rendered in your question. It certainly should be qualified as to what effect and what effect it can have on your life, and how for you to best deal with it as you grow older.Your parents should have already begun having you at therapy sessions for you to get the best out of your life with this condition, as statistics go, the female generally suffers the lesser effect of Asperger syndrome, providing you also are receiving the guidance that is necessary.
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Jareb Jareb
I have close friend with Asperger's syndrome called Dom some times if we talk about really complicated stuff he goes quiet and finds it hard to keep up. I suggest you let people know when you dont understand other wise they might not realise and carry on. And i dont think your hearing noises that are not there maby you just misunderstood the noise. Cats at night can make so strange noises apparently just for fun. good luck ^^
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Fred Fred
i have aspergers syndrome and you have it for life. it can't just go away, it is part of who you are. a bit like your sexual orientation, you can't change it. you do learn to control it more with age. i used to say inappropriate things without thinking, however i eventually learned to control it. there is an upside though, usually people with aspergers are very logical. i am very logical and have a high IQ so it is not like it will limit me in any way.
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Fred Originally Answered: Am i right?.or wrong? help please!?
Yes, but they usually give you their own topic, usually asks why you want to go there and what credentials do you have and what not. But don't worry about, yet. Although keep everything that you do which is beneficial and get documents from your teachers proving it, so when the time comes you can make your portfolio and thats needed also when applying for university. Good Luck.

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