Valentines day question, easy 2 points?

Valentines day question, easy 2 points? Topic: Valentines day question, easy 2 points?
June 27, 2019 / By Alysa
Question: Obviously guys always get girls stuff for Valentines but I'm just curious, if a girl is dating a guy is it usually true that they do something for their date/bf?
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Vester Vester | 6 days ago
Guys don't necessarily HAVE to get girls roses, cards, teddy bears, chocolates, etc. My boyfriend didn't, and I assured him to not have to go through the trouble of stressing about it. :) I would have loved to give a gift(s) to him, but I had loads of homework and very little time, all with a fever. (Tough luck, eh?) Depending on how long she's been with you, I'm sure she would like to get you a gift too! If not, don't worry. Gifts aren't necessary to show love.
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Roscoe Roscoe
umm they do I mean for valentines usually the guy does something but most of the time girls give something to their bf or date.
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Montgomery Montgomery
from what i can tell its like 65% of girls will get their dates/boyfriends something, it isnt necessary but most girls just feel insecure if they get something and dont have anything to return, this year was my first valentines day with a boyfriend and i did get him something.
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Kean Kean
Believe it or not guys like to get flowers also. Doesn't mean they're gay, just that they appreciate beauty. Get him something for valentines day.
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