Very Very very~! simple questions. :)?

Very Very very~! simple questions. :)? Topic: Very Very very~! simple questions. :)?
July 16, 2019 / By Wanda
Question: Can you use these words in a separate sentence? - Emphasis - Method - Interpret (Once again SOME people misunderstood like the one simliar question i had before) NOTE: THIS IS NOT MY HOMEWORK I will repeat, this is not my homework i am studying these vocabs for my language art's test which is tomorrow and i had some questions about it. some ppl who STILL this is bull.S*** then stop writing bad comments or answer my QUESTION!!
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Best Answers: Very Very very~! simple questions. :)?

Shantel Shantel | 9 days ago
The person running for president put too much -emphasis- on how much help he could do toward the economy that he didn't do as much when he became president. The golfer's -method- to get a hole in one was unkown but worked almost every game. At the play we went to, there was an interpreter there to use sign language to tell the daef people what the actors were saying.
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Shantel Originally Answered: Help on 3 simple algebra questions please?
Use this: Normally when people ask for help on this website they've made some attempt at understanding it before hand. look through your text book and your notes and find out what all of these words mean. Then try to do the homework and only THEN should you come on here asking for help. You shouldn't be getting someone to do your entire homework for you without you making any attempt whatsoever. Otherwise you will not make any progress in maths because you won't understand this topic and it will keep coming back time and time again and until you understand it you won't get very good grades overall. You can't exactly come back here in the middle of a test/exam now can you? Good luck :)

Orianne Orianne
Short variant? The lag is no less than in part for the reason that what we are probably measuring (the air) is not the one factor being heated up. We degree the air temperature, however the solar could also be heating up the bottom and the water. The flooring and water will begin to chill off just a little, as soon as the time passes midday/12 months passes the solstice, however by way of cooling off, they are going to warmness up the air. And the solar does not furnish a complete lot much less warmness till as an alternative later within the day/12 months, so the heating from the bottom and water will upload to the heating from the solar, so the warmest factor for the air is while the heating from the solar plus the heating from the bottom and water is finest, to be able to ordinarily be after the factor while the heating from the solar is, on its own, finest. For AGW, we are additionally measuring the bottom and water, no less than to a couple measure. The air's getting hotter, the oceans are becoming hotter, and the bottom is getting hotter. That approach it is not simply thermal lag, if it used to be thermal lag the oceans and flooring could be getting cooler because the air warmed. Also, there is the truth that, if you happen to upload extra warmness to whatever than it is cooling off by way of, it'll maintain getting hotter, although you are now not including as so much warmness as you had been earlier than. A well analogy for this can be a pot on a range. If you could have a pot at the range, and also you flip the range to top till the water is close to boiling, then flip it to low, the temperature will keep to head up, and the pot will boil. If you time it correct, you'll even get it to boil after taking it off the warmness thoroughly, for the reason that the warmness already within the pot itself will conclude the activity. But if that had been the end result going down with international warming, and it used to be brought about by way of the solar, the alterations could path sun cycles in a predictable process. To my abilities, they are now not.
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Makenzie Makenzie
Terry placed emphasis on the topic, which therefore clarified its meaning. Students today have many different methods for studying. I needed a translator to interpret what the locals were saying during my recent trip to Mexico City.
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Kiersten Kiersten
I am putting a lot of emphasis on this topic. Your method of investigation sounds vague, Mr. Kent. Interpret the following sentences in Spanish.
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Jamie Jamie
I would like to put some emphasis on the question. Some cops' method of interrogation are pretty morbid. Can I get someone to interpret this letter for me?
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Epiphany Epiphany
Her story had a lot of emphasis in it. This method is easy to do. Can you interpret the meaning of this?
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Epiphany Originally Answered: what are some simple questions that i can ask a holocaust survivor?
Whatever they are be prepared for horrifying answers, horrifying to listen to, horrifying to relive for the speaker. What happened in those camps was so monstrous your imagination cannot reach that level of horror. I'd ask : Do you want to talk about it? And let the person decide what to say. Personally I would not ask Suzane's question 'Why do you think you survived?'. Survivor guilt is one of the many things those people had to fight afterwards.

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